[Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship] Grine introduces the eco-friendly recycled polyester eco fashion
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-25 ]  

Grine, which participated in the Overseas Networking and Market Support Project conducted by Gwangmyeong G-Hub, introduced its eco-friendly recycled polyester eco fashion.

The company staff said, "Our company is a sustainable brand that pursues sustainable fashion, and adds value to the environment. With recycled paper made of discarded plastic bottles, we bring out the development of the eco fashion industry and environmental improvement. In the midst of fast fashion where the manufacturing of clothes has become out of order, we are aiming to become a company that takes the initiative to make the self-trending style that has value. With the theme of 'Environmental Enlightenment,' we are breaking away from the typical boring style of eco-friendly fashion, leading the trend and presenting sustainable fashion."

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Major features of eco fashion are as follows. △Easy casual wear that is easy to match with existing clothing △Limited oversize restrictions and multi-size coordination made possible △Minimizes superfluity and leftovers from both eco-friendly recycled fabrics and design △Eco-friendly facts and product information, IT visualization capability for environmental contribution

The company staff said, "Our small start is the foundation for the success of the eco fashion industry, so that other producers can participate together and try to win-win with each other. The company is planning to transform into a preliminary social enterprise early next year."

Recycled polyester Sherpa jacket

He then said, "We are building a visualizing system that informs consumers about how much carbon is being released into the environment by making a comparison of the use of regular polyester and recycled polyester by visualizing the carbon dioxide emission data."

Gwangmyeong G-Hub is a cultural startup space that supports startups and creations established by Gyeonggi-do, Gwangmyeong-si, and Gyeonggi Contents Agency to build a startup ecosystem in the field of eco design and cultural contents.

Gwangmyeong G-Hub is conducting Overseas Networking and Market Support Project under the theme "Earth-protecting Entrepreneurship - Globalization" for startups in Gyeonggi area that are seeking to enter the overseas market. The domestic eco-friendly product market is expected to grow significantly in the future through the Green New Deal announced in July, and Gwangmyeong G-Hub established a program to enter the overseas market specializing in the eco industry.

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