Emotionwave, Showcasing the technology standards for remote concerts
[ lee joon suh 2020-11-26 ]  

▶ Presenting for 4 days on the main stage on Uijeongbu Haeongbok-ro Square from November 26 through November 29

▶ Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies including AI Music, auto-performing robot, volumetric display technology using 5G network, and XR

▶ Remote performance by various artists in pop, trot, classical, traditional, etc.

Performance market that was hit hard by COVID-19 is gaining traction as new culture by the public as large entertainment companies are working in collaboration to combine technology with online concerts (LAN, Untact) broadcasted on TV and online platforms.

[Photo 1] Recreation of Mixed Reality Stage (2013) (Emotionwave)

Gyeonggi NRP's (New Reality Partners) 5th generation partner company, Emotionwave, is a venture company that has researched and developed proprietary technology and contents to apply mixed reality concert technology to web environment, broadcasts, and concerts since 2012, and has received a number of patents and set international standards in the field. In 2017, it developed and commercialized RIMA (Robotic-Instruments Music for Al), featuring AI music platform and AI auto-performing robots playing the drum, piano, guitar, bass, marimba, and percussion. Earlier this year, its exhibit at the Las Vegas CES 2020 garnered lots of interests from music, education, and entertainment companies in the US and England in addition to Korea. Last month, the successful traditional Korean music concert featuring world's first AI composed and performed music also received a lot of media focus.

[Photo 2] Traditional Korean Music Mechatronica (2020) (Emotionwave)

Emotionwave is showcasing Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies including AI Music, auto-performing robot, volumetric display technology using 5G network, and XR and hold the RIMA XR Concert that will set the new standards for online concerts for 4 days on the main stage on Uijeongbu Haeongbok-ro Square from November 26 through November 29. This concert will feature the RIMA AI BAND and various artists in pop, trot, classical, traditional, etc., working in synergy to create realistic performances and stage.

"RIMA XR Concert" Preview ① - Stage without performers [AI and Robotics Technology]

[Photo 3] Visual Mechatronica (2018) (Emotionwave)

This concert will be held without real performers centered around RIMA's piano and drums.

RIMA AI BAND is composed of 6 instruments including a piano, drums, percussion, marimba, guitar, and bass, and can perform any genre of music without a professional musician by utilizing its database of over 100,000 songs in instrument information and music meta data. In addition, it can play an impromptu performance in collaboration with professional musicians.

"RIMA XR Concert" Preview ② - Surreal stage that can be enjoyed without VR/AR glass [Volumetric display and XR technology based on 5G Network]

[Photo 4] Uijeongbu Haeongbok-ro where Customer mobile interactivity experience and AR volumetric display have been mapped (2020) (Emotionwave)

[Photo 5] Production process using mixed reality and volumetric AR (2020) (Emotionwave)

Typically, hardware such as exclusive headset or glass are required to experience VR and AR to the fullest. However, this RIMA XR Concert allows the users to experience the concert to the max with only a 5G device.

On Haeongbok-ro Square, LIMA AI Band will feature a splendid performance, and artists will appear in virtual reality environment and lead a concert at the kiosk. If the RIMA AR app is opened and the device pointed to the stage, the volumetric display technology and AR applied dancers, singers, and performers in addition to stage prop objects will work in concert with the music, allowing the user to meet the artists and experience realistic music performances.

Emotionwave representative announced, "People have enjoyed LAN cable concerts on television and online due to COVID-19, but this LIMA XR concert held on Haeongbok-ro Square will give meaning to people in viewing and experiencing the technology and the art in an open space."

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