Outstanding Korean products introduced at Tradekorea webpage – Oxygen supplying device for better breathing and semi-permanent mask more comfortable than disposable masks offered at #Health & Medical
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-25 ]  

Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) announced that they have prepared the online exhibition of outstanding Made-In-Korea products in Tradekorea.com. This online platform is reaching out to the outstanding Korean sellers to vitalize the economy that has gone down due to COVID-19.

Visitors can click on the desired products to see more information about the products, and make inquiries to the sellers directly with just a click of a button.

The products have been divided into six categories, Electronics & IoT, Health & Medical, Industrial Materials, Beauty and Fashion, and Food & Beverages. Popular products displayed at the tradekorea.com website are LED gadgets, AI-applied products, beauty aids, masks, industrial tools and equipment, cosmetics, skincare products, snacks, teas, and home products.

Some of the attention-grabbing products from Tradekorea.com are as follows.

Personal Oxygen Concentrator O2REX-F50

These days, as more people stay indoors due to the current circumstances, it is becoming harder for them to get a good supply of oxygen in the air. Personal oxygen concentrator O2REX-F50 by NF is a compact oxygen generator that can help people receive the oxygen that is lacking in modern day lives. It can be used for everyone, regardless of age or gender, helping people to breath better and rejuvenate their bodies by providing oxygen in the poorly ventilated areas.

O2REX-F50 provides clean air with highly pure catalyst, and it uses HEPA filter to filter out the dust and harmful bacteria. The stand-type diffuser and the neck set give users choices in the way to receive their oxygen supply depending on the user's needs. Also, the neck set can be worn between the eyes or around the neck to supply the oxygen in the desired areas. The oxygen saturation meter measures the level of oxygen saturation on the users by placing the user's finger on it.

Soomplus XG

Soomplus XG is a special mask designed to prevent carbon dioxide from being inhaled into the body. The antimicrobial nasal cavity on the nose part of the mask is the part that prevents carbon dioxide from coming inside. This inner part is covered by a silicon cover, which is semi-permanent. On the breathing part, washable filters can be inserted. It filters over 95% of the dust particles, and it is anti-microbial which sterilizes viruses.

The maker of Soomplus XG has a 20-year history of developing this mask. It is as protective as a gas mask, but it fits comfortably as a cotton mask. Also, a wire is implanted in the nose area to allow a comfortable fit with glasses or goggles. It is designed to be much more comfortable to wear than disposable masks, and by being reusable, it also contributes to the protection of the environment.

More interesting items can be found in different categories of the product page. With new outstanding products made with advanced technology rolling in continuously, KITA and MSS are expecting to see more traffic inflow to the website and hopes that they lead to sales of the products, thus helping the Korean companies to find new sales channel in the overseas market.


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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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