Synchronicity takes the lead in creating smart city with the app "Smart Parking Seongnam"
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-13 ]  

The core of Industry 4.0 probably is the creation of a smart city that improves the quality of life of the people. Smart city is a business that applies advanced IT to areas such as urban transportation, environment, safety, housing, and welfare services. IT service company U Like is taking the lead in creating a smart city by developing a smart parking service app Smart Parking Seongnam, one of the smart city transportation services in 2019. Smart Parking Seongnam is one of the Syncronicity project made by the cooperation of KETI, SeongNam Industry Promotion agency, and U Like. It was created as a part of IoT-based Smart City International Joint Technology Development Project to strengthen the competitiveness of IoT and smart city industry in Seongnam-si.

This service is an application based on the oneM2M technology adopted as an international standard technology for IoT, and can be used for free because it is for non-profit purposes. It provides real-time information on parking lot information in Seongnam-si and nearby transit traffic through notification and APP screen. This app is intended for all users who need information about Seongnam-si parking lots, city buses and intercity buses near the parking lot, and transfer information to other transportations like subways. It provides customized parking information service for not only parking lot users residing in Seongnam-si, but also parking lot users commuting to/from companies or business sites located in Seongnam-si and all parking lot users visiting Seongnam-si.

The company staff said, "We plan to update the parking lot recommendation feature incorporating AI machine learning technology that utilizes parking lot usage patterns, date, and weather information. Also, through continuous R&D investment, we are developing a business model with a paid parking lot for transfer." "In addition to this, we are in the installation/development stage by suggesting a school zone safety service in Seongnam-si. The School Zone Safety Service is a service that is expected to help in taking various measures to prevent accidents in advance by collecting and analyzing traffic information data (speeding, driving frequency) in the child protection zone."

U Like provides various IT services like mobile web/app development through professional development know-how and technology. It builds various platforms including service environment and system connection, develops mobile portals and standard interfaces for wired/wireless connection, and conducts consulting work to strengthen the competitiveness of companies through accumulated experience and trend analysis. Some of the major apps U Like has developed are Smart Parking Seongnam (KETI), SK Rental Car (SK NETWORKS), Billycar (SK C&C), and WAVVE Sport Pro Baseball Service (Content Wave).

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