Seongnam medical organization exhibits at SMC 2020 online promotion hall
[ Jane Lee 2020-11-05 ]  

2020 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention SMC) event will be held online from November 9 to 12, and medical organizations in Seongnam-si will participate in the online promotion center.

Seongnam Nurse Association

Seongnam Nurse Association was established in September 2007 for the purpose of research, knowledge dissemination, protection of rights, and fellowship among members for the development of nursing and improvement of public health in the local community. Currently, there are 4,000 members, and the members are working in diverse areas, medical institutions, medical clinics, industries, and schools.

The official from the association said, "The members of the Seongnam Nurses Association survived the severe cold and fought the hot summer heat to protect the safety and health of citizens without discrimination against nationality and racism, and they are working hard even today. To see the end of COVID-19, all members will observe the infection prevention rules issued by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency as an exemplary case, and will continue to do our best to protect citizens' health such as operating a screening clinic and nursing confirmed patients."  

Seongnam Pharmaceutical Association

The Seongnam Pharmaceutical Association is the Gyeonggi Seongnam branch of KPA established to aid in the research, improvement, and development of pharmacists and pharmaceutics to promote social welfare and improve public health, with the aim to advocate the rights of pharmaceutical rights and establish ethics.

The official of the association said, "We are protecting the rights and interests of members, developing pharmacist policies, and protecting consumer health, on top of strengthening local health in addition to activities to protecting the environment, movement to use drugs properly, drug abuse prevention activities and campaigns, drug abuse prevention education for teenagers, and drug eradication. We are carrying out various activities within the region, such as helping the needy and underprivileged and providing free medication for socially vulnerable people."

Seongnam Medical Association

Seongnam Medical Association is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Korean Medical Association, with 1,200 registered members of Seongnam Medical Association. In addition to projects and civil activities for the rights and convenience of members, it is running Seongnam Citizen Health Fair every year and diverse civil activities in connection with the health promotion projects like fundus examinations, mother support project, mental health culture association, flu vaccination voucher project, 1388 youth support group medical and legal support, Dream Start child vaccination project, primary medical chronic disease management pilot project, and Seongnam citizen happiness delivery lecture.

The official said, "In the COVID-19 crisis that frees no one from the disease, we stood on the front line as health keepers by assisting in the treatment and examination of patients by volunteering at the COVID screening clinic. We are also continuing our activities for the development of the local community, such as scholarship programs to support youth talent in the local community, rice delivery with love for the elderly living alone, and volunteer work at cafeteria in the nursing home for the elderly."

Seongnam Dental Association

Seongnam Dental Association is an organization that works hard to improve oral health of Seongnam citizens with the disabled and socially isolated neighbors based on the harmony and cooperation of 570 members. Also, by implementing clean membership system, it fosters and supports dentist offices that examine patients with honesty and faithful maintenance after treatment.

On the Oral Health Day, June 9 of every year, it cooperates with medical clinics and universities to advertise the importance of oral health and correct knowledge, along with hosting various events like healthy teeth contests for the elderly and children, puppet theater performance, dental experience hall, and oral health painting contest. 

The official said, "We were the first ones in the country to carry out the free denture mounting project for the elderly, contributing to the health of the elderly in the Seongnam area over the age of 65 in the socially vulnerable group for many years. Also, by actively participating in the free denture project for the socially vulnerable group under the age of 65 supported by Seongnam-si (Full Smile Project), free medical service for the disabled in the socially vulnerable group, and free medical treatment project for children of multicultural families (Love Sharing Dental Clinic), we are actively contributing to the oral health of the local citizens."

Seongnam Korean Medical Association

Seongnam Korean Medical Association was established in 1974 to protect the rights and interests of Korean medical doctors and to establish medical order. It is contributing to the local health with the Korean medicine infertility support project, medicine instruction project, and senior hall doctor project, and contributing to the development of local government by actively promoting scholarship programs, civic education, and youth development projects.

The official said, "Seongnam Korean Medical Association, along with the Gyeonggi Korean Medicine, is supporting Korean infertility treatment for infertile couples. It is contributing to overcoming infertility and encouraging childbirth through herbal fertility treatment. We are helping infertile couples across Gyeonggi-do by participating in the treatment support project for infertile couples in Gyeonggi-do along with the herbal infertility treatment project in Seongnam-si."

He continued, "We are promoting health care and disease prevention projects for young people in the hall every year through the Korean medical doctor training program. After selecting the desired school in the building, a Korean medical doctor visits the school to conduct health checkups and consultations. Through the teaching program, we are providing guidance on the illnesses that adolescents in the school are experiencing and preventing the outbreak of disease."

2020 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention (SMC) event will be held online from November 9 to 12. This event was first held by the national local government agencies in 2018 to globalize the medical tourism and healthcare industry in Seongnam-si. This year, considering the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be held in the official website of the Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention ( and YouTube, instead of meeting with officials in the medical, tourism, bio, healthcare industry, overseas buyers, and visitors in person. The online promotion hall consists of medical tourism, healthcare, and medical organizations, and medical organizations including Seongnam Nurse Association, The Seongnam Pharmaceutical Association, Seongnam Medical Association, Seongnam Dental Association, and Seongnam Korean Medical Association.

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