[BCB 2020] Yangchon Brewery introduces River Snail Rice Wine that won the Korea Liquor Awards in 2020
[ Jane Lee 2020-10-14 ]  

Yangchon Brewery participated in Bar Convent Berlin (BCB2020) in Berlin, Germany held as an online exhibition from Oct. 12 to 18, and introduced River Snail Rice Wine

Yangchon Brewery has been operating in Nonsan, Korea since 1920. This brewery is considered as one of the oldest breweries in Korea.

River Snail Rice Wine is a major alcoholic drink chosen by Korean traditional liquor sommeliers as mariage, and it has won the Korea Liquor Grand Prize in 2020.

The official said, "When the master sommelier visited Korea, he tasted this rice wine and imported it to New York. Products exported to the US are sold with the label Yangchon Cheongju to make pronunciation easier."

This rice wine is made of rice grown by the river snail method, using no pesticides. The color of the rice wine is golden amber, and you can taste the savory aroma of well-fermented cheese or mushrooms. Good food combinations include fragrant dishes such as BBQ, stir-fried beef, or spicy food.

The International Bar and Beverage Trade show (BCB2020) is an exhibition of the alcoholic beverages and the beverage industry with a long history, and people in the bar and pub industry participate in various related programs. Due to COVID-19, it will be held online this year, and a series of exhibitions in the UK (Imbibe), Brazil, and the US will also be held at the same time, attracting buyers from all over the world.

As a part of the export consortium project replacement project, KBIZ gave support to participate in BCB2020 in an effort to develop overseas sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises that are going through difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and enhance export vitality.

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