The 9th China Suzhou Cultural & Creative Design Cultural Industry Expo started in Suzhou
[ lee joon suh 2020-08-03 ]  

On July 31, 2020, the 9th China Suzhou Cultural & Creative Cultural Industry Expo opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center as scheduled. 11 branch venues, 43 theme exhibition halls, 40,000 square meters area are all prepared for the great show.

From July 31 to August 2, the three-day exhibition attracted more than 400 exhibitors from across the country. More than 20,000 products will be displayed. At the launching ceremony, the "2020 New Handicraft Movement Award" was also hosted, and the ceremony of the "Cloud Expo - a never-ending cultural and creative trading platform" was also launched. People who love cultural and creative ideas can join this "carnival" of cultural tourism by staying home, according to the organizing committee of China Suzhou Cultural & Creative Design Cultural Industry Expo.

Suzhou is "The Capital of Handicrafts and Folk Arts of the UN" and "Model City of World Heritage". "Su Zuo" has a profound technical heritage and excellent production. With the theme of "New Design, New Life, New Paradise", the 9th expo will showcase and present the four major sections of "international creative design works, international new handicraft movements, cultural and tourism integration, and creative future industries". Three highlights: first of all, the theme exhibition of "8:30 in Gusu" appeared in the expo, comprehensively showing the mode of promoting the night economy development in Suzhou, and showing the achievements of "Cultural Tourism+" leading the high-quality development of night economy. Secondly, this year's expo will show the "International Style" with the "China-Foreign Design Dialogue", and promote the construction of Suzhou "Modern International Metropolis" through an international perspective. At the expo, visitors can see that in conjunction with the 2020 global anti-epidemic theme, artists use "Masks" as the main material to create "Social Isolation Hall" and "Social Gathering Hall" to reflect different feelings in the global environment. In addition, works by top artists and designers from different cultural backgrounds and fields around the world shine together. Thirdly, this year's expo can also be "Meeting in the Cloud". An online platform brings together exhibitions, information, investment promotion, studios, shopping malls and other functions to create a "Never-Ending Expo".

What's more, the "New Handicraft Movement Award", the professional awards event of the expo, was particularly eye-catching. In 2015, "New Handicraft Movement" was launched with the rediscovery, rethinking and redesign of traditional handicrafts, calling on traditional handicrafts to rejuvenate and show the vitality of the times. In this new handicraft movement, the 10 major brand awards and the 10 major works awards were selected. These works have injected new momentum and set a new benchmark for the innovative development of traditional handicrafts.

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