[ENVEX 2020] Yusung Engineering to introduce deodorization facility, fire extinguishing gas recycling facility, and screw pump
[ Jane Lee 2020-06-08 ]  

Chemical deodorizer

Yusung Engineering will participate in the 42nd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2020) to be held at COEX from June 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri) to introduce deodorization facility, fire extinguishing gas recycling facility, and screw pump.

Complex deodorizer

Yusung Engineering's chemical deodorizer does not use polling as a filler, and is a product that has high odor removal efficiency and easy maintenance with the porous reaction/aeration technology. Also, the complex deodorizer is a multi-stage structure using a bio-filter made with microorganism in wet environment and a small amount of chemicals which was developed during the national project. It has high deodorizing efficiency.

Screw pump

This screw pump has a three-leaf blade and a tapered spindle, increasing flow rate by 10% compared to that of a conventional screw pump. Stability has been further increased by adding a technology that can prevent warpage inside the main shaft.

Photo showing recycling of digestive gas

The egg-type digester has a shape similar to that of a human digestive organ, so the sludge digestion efficiency is high, and the dry desulfurizer is a hopper-type structure, which is easy to maintain. The gas holder has a wire rope and a piston deck type and has more gas storage capacity compared to the same enclosure. The surplus gas combustor does not expose the flame to the outside with the in-house combustion type.

An official said, "Yusung Engineering is a company that specializes in producing rare environmental facilities such as deodorization facilities, fire extinguishing gas recycling facilities, and screw pumps. We have researched the deodorization equipment for 26 years, becoming the number one in Korea. The fire extinguishing gas recycling facility is the only company in Korea that possesses all process technology. Our screw pump succeeded in localizing the foreign technology."

Marking its 42nd year this year, ENVEX 2020 has been serving as the business venue every year to help domestic environmental companies develop domestic and overseas markets. It has attracted 1,000 overseas buyers to provide business matching with the exhibitors in Korea.

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