HansCreative launches laptop theft detection solution
[ Jane Lee 2020-06-03 ]  

- This internal security and PC theft blocking solution says, "Don't touch my computer!"

- Launched easy and convenient B2C and B2G IoT-based anti-theft solution "Green Lock AT"

HansCreative (CEO: Jang Han-sik, www.HansCreative.com) a resident company in Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center jointly run by MSIT (Minister Choi Ki-young) and NIPA (President Kim Chang-yong), will be launching the user location-based anti-theft IoT security solution Green Lock AT in June. Green Lock AT can prevent theft, piracy, and information leakage from the computer only with the software of the PC app and the mobile app.

Recently, due to the spread of telecommuting and the increase in the use of shared offices, along with free Wi-Fi in cafes and libraries, people are now working, studying, and watching videos with their personal computers anywhere. Green Lock AT is the B2C and B2G version of the already recognized Green Lock for preventing theft and information leakage in B2B market. It provides a stronger anti-theft feature for personal computers.

[Green Lock AT mobile app screen, Source: HansCreative]

"We often feel uncomfortable and anxious about mobile computing or computing in office spaces," said Jang Han-sik. He added, "I'm pretty sure that people have worried about having their computers and the data stolen when they vacate from their seats in shared offices, cafes, and libraries." He introduced Green Lock AT as the solution to alleviate such inconvenience and anxieties.

Simply by installing the app on the computers and smartphones, Green Lock AT automatically sets off the alarm and sends notifications on the mobile devices when it detects signs of theft like shutting down the system, disconnecting the power cable, closing the laptop cover, and moving the mouse or keyboard.

"The anti-theft products currently out in the market such as the Kensington Lock with cable-type clasp and the laptop anti-theft software LAlarm cannot prevent thefts completely. Slim laptops often do not have the slots for Kensington Lock, and LAlarm may set off false alarms, causing inconvenience to the surroundings."

But, by using Green Lock AT, users can lock their laptops from their smartphones by Bluetooth connection. When signs of theft occur to the locked laptop, the alarm is set off or warning is sent to the smartphone in real-time, enabling the users to take quick action. Users can also prevent information leakage by preventing access to the laptop, corresponding well to the security accidents. Also, when it is out of Bluetooth range, the connection is taken over by mobile network, so users can receive theft alerts wherever they are. If the Bluetooth connection is between the smartphone and the laptop is lost, it can be unlocked by using the password.

[Green Lock AT program computer connection screen, Source: HansCreative]

Green Lock AT is available for both personal and enterprise use. For personal use, download the app "Touch Me Not (Green Lock AT for Personal Use)" from Google Play Store, and companies can use it after signing a site license. Jang said, "The actual users of this company who have used Green Lock have high expectations for Green Lock AT as well. We are planning to promote by using various channels to many potential customers who are unaware of user location-based IoT anti-theft and security solutions, and we will also participate in overseas exhibitions to promote our products and solutions to the overseas buyers."

"We received so much help by moving into the Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center operated by the NIPA. It provided the environment for startup companies like us to focus on technology development by helping us save cost, providing the opportunity to participate in various support projects, legal advice, and financial solutions."

HansCreative is providing Green Lock, a user location-based IT security and flexible work support solution, and SACS (Smart Access Control System), a mobile-based access entrance security solution to companies, and it is also an exclusive distributor of Unifi.id, UK's a smart building solution.

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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