[CES 2020] Daegu Gyeongbuk Joint Pavilion launches IR pitching program for 13 excellent companies
[ Jane Lee 2020-01-16 ]  

On January 7, the first day of the world's largest technology exhibition CES 2020, Daegu Gyeongbuk Joint Pavilion, composed of collaboration between Daegu Metropolitan City (mayor Kwon Young-jin) and Gyeongsangbuk-do (Governor Lee Chul-woo), ran an IR program of 13 SMEs from Daegu and Gyeongbuk area.

In front of numerous people at CES 2020, the world's largest technology exhibition, the companies that introduced their technology products through the IR Demo Day program are as follows.

Good Air (CEO Ju Sang-kyu)

Good Air has secured a source technology that measures floating microorganisms in the air in five minutes, and has completed the patent transfer. Now, it is in the completion stage. 

Lamitek (CEO Lee Tae-young)

Lamitek has developed high-performance, high-reliability drones that have passed international waterproof standards (KOLAS IP43) with epoxy/polyimide insulation technology, and it will be exhibited in CES 2020.

Lillycover (CEO An Seon-hee)

Lilycover's Muilli is designed to be easy to carry to manage skin smartly at home and at work. With the accuracy of skin diagnosis and multi-function, we provide Total Beauty Solution that can manage skin affordably and smartly.

Imagination Garden (CEO Kim Soo-bin)

The company introduced a low-cost plant factory and a smart culture compensator to solve the problems caused by very expensive and extremely limited cultivation.

Aslatech (CEO Jan Seong-young)

Aslatech's haptic module uses haptic actuators using piezo technology and haptic software using sound as one module to be applied not only to the existing game console controller but also to PC mouse, keyboard, VR device, and smartphone cover. Mouse and haptic pads for smartphones have already been made with the cooperation with partners.

WooKyoung Information Technology (CEO Park Yun-ha)

Secuwatcher for CCTV introduced by WooKyoung Information Technology is a professional video information security system consisting of CCTV video security storage (encryption module) system and safe online video export system for personal privacy protection based on personal information protection act.

Onesoftdigm (CEO Lee Dae-ho)

Onesoftdigm introduced a portable body composition analyzer that analyzes biometric and environmental data collected through various low-power devices through an open platform and analyzes the surrounding environment information to provide customized services to users.

Zetabank (CEO Choi Dong-wan)

Zetabank introduced the service robot that contains voice recognition technology that recognizes a specific accent according to dialect or age, autonomous driving technology that enables moving without colliding with moving objects or people, and various sensors that can control sensors.

GB Soft (CEO Park Gi-beom)

We have introduced a system that can measure bio signals by using only image information through a camera, different from the conventional method of attaching a bio signal measuring system. Its advantage is that there is no problem of attachment or cross contamination.

Sonist (CEO Kim Gyung-tae)

Sonist introduced Funny Jelly, a solution that enables users to easily and conveniently perform breathing rehabilitation exercises anytime and anywhere with a smartphone. It is a game played by breathing into the microphone built into the smart device, allowing the user to naturally breathe through the game. This solution was developed for patients with spinal cord damage.

KC Technology (CEO Jung Hyun-jung)

The company introduced MOA, personal skin measurement device for accurate data, measurement app, and data management/information/prescription services and linked server.

Haedong Engineering (CEO Lee Wan-hyung)

MFL inspection developed by Haedong Engineering is one of the non-destructive testing of defects on or near the surface, and it detects the crack leakage magnetic flux when the specimen is magnetized. It can be applied to inspection of defects of less than 3mm from the surface.

Heaven Tree (CEO Hong Jeong-won)

Clovine is a project management software that combines cloud-based synchronization technology, and by using advanced IT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, and data analysis, the company is striving to build a management system that can improve productivity and work efficiency and reduce overall business costs.

The evaluation of the presentation by the participating companies was based on the validity of the participating company's business model, the prospective product's innovation, marketability, design and functional excellence, and the delivery, fidelity, persuasiveness, and communication ability of the presenter. The program ended with the evaluation comment by the judges.

The judge said, "It was not easy to rank in the competition of outstanding companies in Daegu-Gyeongbuk areas. The two companies that took the first place were well deemed in marketability and innovation."  

Daegu Metropolitan City has supported 196 ICT venture companies and SMEs in the area to enter the market for eight consecutive years since 2013, with the cumulative contract amount of $22.4 million as of 2019.

Gyeongbuk and Daegu has formed Daegu Joint Pavilion where 44 ICT convergence ventures and SMEs and three startups will be participating. Major programs include exhibitions, investor pitching, public relations with foreign media, and post-CES review conferences. In CES 2019, Daegu and Gyeongbuk Province exchanged MOU to run joint pavilion in CES for the benefits of both parties, and the joint pavilion has been set up in CES 2020. The world's largest IT show CES shows the trend of the global technology issues and trends at a glance. It is hosted by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held every January.

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