[CES 2020] Dream of displaying our smart wireless massager Dr. Music Pop in Walmart
[ Jane Lee 2020-01-16 ]  

Smart Medical Devices participated in CES 2020, the world's largest technology exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA, and presented smart wireless massager Dr. Music Pop.

Dr. Music Pop is a low-frequency massager that helps to relieve muscle pain and promote blood circulation, and to metabolize, reduce fatigue and muscle blockage.

In particular, the waveform changes freely according to the music beats and rhythms coming out of the smartphone app and can be operated wirelessly for convenient use anytime and anywhere.

In addition, two devices can be linked to one smartphone to control detailed modes for each device, so anyone can use it easily.

CEO Mun Chan-gon said, "We have been conducting market tests in the US, and we are planning to quickly enter the US market after the establishment of our US corporation in January. The first place to display our products we are aiming at is Walmart in US."

He also added, "There has been a market for low frequency devices in the United States, but there have been no new types of products for young people over the last decade. So, we are developing new products that can fit the taste of young people, and we tried to approach our customers with the concept of therapy and meditation by connecting to the digital healthcare and music."

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[AVING NEWS Special Report Team for CES 2020: Ideak Kim, Joseph Choe, Min Choi, MyungJin Shin, Dong-Kwan Kim, Eunsil Lee, JungHyun Ko]

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