[CES 2020] Manager Choi Jun-bum of Jeonju City says "We will build the smart city in Jeonju style by CES"
[ Jane Lee 2020-01-15 ]  

Manager Choi Jun-bum from Jeonju City attended CES 2020 held in Las Vegas on January 7-10.

Jeonju is currently exploring ways to solve the urban problems caused by urbanization and create a sustainable city. To solve such problems, the city felt the need to build a smart city with the new technologies that lead Industry 4.0.

Jeonju City established a department exclusively for smart city last year, and it came to CES with the university presidents, relevant officials, and the CEOs of companies with the goal to make a privatized cooperation system together, creating a smart city with its own style.

It is currently doing various projects to solve various urban problems such as transportation, environment, and housing, such as planting 10 million trees, resolving the heat island issue in urban areas, repairing vacant houses, and resolving parking issues.

Choi said, "Based on what we saw and learned in CES 2020, we will develop local ICT industry and businesses, and promote a virtuous cycle of smart city created especially for Jeonju where companies, universities, technology and people are combined to revitalize the economy and create jobs."

[AVING NEWS Special Report Team for CES 2020: Ideak Kim, Joseph Choe, Min Choi, MyungJin Shin, Dong-Kwan Kim, Eunsil Lee, JungHyun Ko]

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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