[CES 2020] Onan Korea introduced small-space wireless air purifier Lumena A3
[ Jane Lee 2020-01-21 ]  

World-renowned four-crown design award winner Onan Korea (CEO Jin Joong-heon) participated in the world's largest technology exhibition CES 2020 opening in Las Vegas on Jan. 7-10 to showcase 10 various lineups including its newly launching Lumena A3, fan, LED lantern, and wireless charger ski goggles with electrochrome lens technology.

In particular, with its sensational object design, strong air purifying power and excellent wireless performance, Lumena A3 wireless air purifier newly introduced at this exhibition received a lot of attention from people who visited the exhibition booth of Onan Korea during four days.

Lumena A3 wireless air purifier can effectively filter fine dust as well as invisible ultra-fine dust by applying H13 grade HEPA fabric and total allergy dust filter which blocks more than 99.978% of 0.3㎛ size micro particles.

The five-step guaranteed purification system with a portable PM2.5 sensor detects the surrounding air in real time and enables checking by the numeric segment LED on the top of the unit. With 7,500mAh size battery, it brings a higher level of performance and convenience for 37 hours in your room, living room, kitchen, and other places in your house.

In addition, it boasts a more effective air purifying performance through a powerful BLDC motor and unique air design, and the user's convenience was considered by making it easy to clean the inside by separating the upper safety net.

An Onan Korea official said, "CES has once again confirmed the design competitiveness in the global market and the possibilities of our products. We will work harder to enter the global market with the innovative products with Onan Korea's unique philosophy in design and technology."

The new Lumena A3 wireless air purifier will start pre-order at the end of January.

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