[CES 2020] Changwon Industry Promotion Agency receives worldwide attention by supporting companies introducing innovative products
[ Jane Lee 2020-01-20 ]  

Changwon Industry Promotion Agency participated in the world's largest IT and electronics exhibition CES 2020 held in Las Vegas January 7 to 10.

It is the second time for Changwon to participate in CES. In 2019, Edenlux and Safer made a big success by the support of Changwon Industry Promotion Agency. This year, the company participated with four companies to showcase innovative products, attracting the attention of many media and buyers.

The companies participated in CES 2020 with the support of Changwon Industry Promotion Agency are as follows.

CTNS (CEO Kwon Ki-jung) introduced Block Battery, a large capacity secondary battery that can be assembled and replaced like Lego blocks. This product uses a small capacity battery pack and then, as needed, can freely change the capacity by assembling additional blocks to enhance user convenience. In addition, various assembly output layout blocks are available to customize the output layout to suit the users' needs.

Good Life (CEO Lee Jong-ho) introduced SO (Safe Outlets) that can be used safely even if water is poured. SO uses the principle that the water flowing into the outlet does not enter the inside and is discarded directly through the drain pipe separated by electric polarity. So, it can be used safely even when water is poured in the electric outlet. It also completely blocks the electricity before inserting the plug completely, so it never causes electric shock or short-circuit.

Moderntec (CEO Kim Sung-Du) unveiled the unmanned electric vehicle charger Electric Vehicle Charging Robot. Unlike products developed by other companies, Moderntec's electric vehicle charging robots can charge about 20 vehicles unattended. The 1:N system for the charging robot maximizes the return on investment and minimizes carbon emissions.

J2C (CEO Kim Yu-Jeong) introduced a monocular iris recognizing device with clear image. The camera module is a black-and-white camera module that uses 5M pixels without cropping. The IR-LED module generates twice as much light with less current compared to other IR-LED modules. J2C's iris recognition devices show better recognition distance and accuracy than other iris recognition products.

The official said, "Our job support center supports the Changwon support center, preliminary startup companies, and the companies that need development. We will support any companies with a breakthrough product or idea to participate in CES, and it is our job to find companies who would do that. Therefore, I hope that more companies will participate in CES next year and see results."

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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