Fine Nano receives investment from Bigbang Angels and selected to enter TIPS program
[ Jane Lee 2019-11-29 ]  

Bigbang Angels announced that it has invested in Finenano, the developer of conductive smart ink for PV.

Finenano was also selected to participate in the TIPS program with the investment.

The global display market is accelerating the development of flexible displays that fold, bend, and flex. As a result, the demand for electronic components and materials are increasing as well, and currently, ITO is accounting for 90%. However, in case of ITO, supply and demand of indium is unstable, and high price, breakage when bent, complicated process, and high temperature sintering method limit the application in FED. CEO Park Won-cheol pointed this out and said, "We are planning to develop and commercialize metal nano conductive ink that can replace ITO."

Finenano's conductive smart ink ensured high electrical conductivity by using low temperature sintering, overcoming the limited application due to high temperature sintering. Also, by adopting the Roll-to-Roll process, it makes the printing suitable and mass production easy, and reduces the manufacturing cost of conductive ink by using a metal organic precursor rather than the existing metal nanoparticle ink.

Hwang Byeong-seon, CEO of Bigbang Angels, said, "Finenano is expanding the market to various countries including China and Singapore. And, but using our diverse network, we will help the companies find investors."

An official of Finenano said, "We will work with display module companies and printed circuit board companies to demonstrate core technologies by development materials and applications with the funds."

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