[2019 VALUE UP Business Concert] Top 3 Global Media Awardees selected!
[ Jane Lee 2019-11-20 ]  

The 2019 VALUE UP Business Concert was held at the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center on Nov. 19, and at the awards ceremony, the participating media decorated the event by selecting the top 3 companies.

The companies selected as the top 3 companies were Muwee, Healthy Men and GoodByeCar cycling, and the companies had the opportunity receive spotlights from the overseas press.

△ Muwee

Muwee presented leather wallets and bags made from natural cowhide with minimal processing. The trays, tissue cases, business card holders, and pouches presented by Muwee were natural cowhide products made with the motto "Muwee (idle)" fashion. Muwee is a general merchandise store that prepares new collections by collaborating with designers in various fields to create designs that capture the unique fashion of natural materials. Some products can only be seen at Muwee, and they are completed through a simple assembly process by the consumers, which is one of the reasons why such high quality materials can be purchased at reasonable prices.

The co-chairman of Ma Seong-guk who participated in the event said, "The cup holder which was recently released by us can be used semi-permanently as the awareness on the consumption culture." He added, "When you use this product, it not only saves resources and conserves the environment, but you can also be proud that you are using such an innovative product." Muwee is planning a second collection aiming at COEX Living Fair in April next year, and plans to export to Southeast Asia including Thailand through Shope and to Japan through Amazon Japan at the same time.

△ Healthy Men

Healthy Men presented its dietary supplement My Champion. My Champion is currently in the food and beverage business with a successful achievement of Wadiz Crowd Rewards funding of 1077%. It is an MFDS-certified health functional food that contains 20mg of zinc, which is necessary for normal cell division and normal immune function, and also contains 3,000mg of L-arginine required for protein synthesis, muscles and improving exercise skills, and raspberry known for stimulating testosterone release and good for stamina.

Seon Si-hyung, the CEO of Healthy Men, said, "I created My Champion for my father, who is the champion for me." He also added, "With My Champion as a start, I am planning to release various food products, and will try my best to expand the distribution and sales channels."

△ N2Falls

N2Falls introduced its Cold Brew Original Coffee freshly made in ampoule form without a coffee machine. This product is an innovative product developed in order to taste the rich taste of freshly brewed cold brew coffee in just 10 seconds by compressing and filling nitrogen in the coffee solution extracted with the high concentration SUPER DROP method.

Tasting N2Falls's coffee is very simple. Prepare 180ml of water in a cup, place the injector (nozzle) that comes with the N2Falls product on the cup, place the ampule in the correct position, and gently press the infusion solution. During this process, the surging phenomenon that comes from mixing the nitrogen and liquid form bubbles, raises the coffee's flavor and enables you to enjoy a smooth and refreshing taste of coffee.

In addition to coffee, the company also produces products for drinks with lemon, blueberry, cherry and aronia. They can be used as fruit juice when infused with water and fruit soju when mixed with soju, grabbing the aspects of health and convenience at the same time. Lee Jung-oh, CEO of the company, said, "With the innovative technology and products, the Color Group has boldly entered the 300 trillion RTD coffee market as of 2025. It will be an opportunity to introduce cold brew coffee by global pitching at 2019 VALUE UP Business Concert, letting the world know that it is a competitive product."

At the 2019 VALUE UP Business Concert hosted by the Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center, Seoul Business Agency (SBA), and the global news network AVING NEWS presented global and local media press pitching, YouTuber promotion, video interviews, awards, and networking. The global media that participated in the event are Geekazine (US), Xiao Da Channel (China), Lecafedugeek (France), Vietnam News Agency (Vietnam), MyFatPocket (Singapore), Teman Seoul (Indonesia), A Sing Di Dai Han (Vietnam YouTuber), IT Donga, Byline Network, and BetaNews

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by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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