TCT KOREA 2019 opens today as Korea's only industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing exhibition
[ Jane Lee 2019-10-17 ]  

TCT KOREA 2019, an exhibition considered to be one of the world's largest 3D printing exhibition with FORMNEXT of Germany began today. TCT KOREA, held in Changwon, Gyeongnam-do, Korea's manufacturing center, is Korea's only industrial show specializing 3D printing in its second exhibition this year.

TCT KOREA 2019 is co-hosted by Gyeongnam Province and Changwon and co-organized by Changwon Convention Center and Rapid News of UK, and will be held at CECO for three days, Oct. 16-18. The opening ceremony opened on the 16th was attended by Moon Seung-wook, Deputy Governor of Gyeongnam Province, Second Deputy Mayor Lee Hyun-kyu of Changwon City and Vice President James Woodcock of VNU Rapid News to congratulate the opening of the show.

At the opening ceremony, Moon said, "In the era when it is necessary to revitalize the economy due to the regional recession, we need to actively embrace and foster core technologies that lead digital manufacturing innovation such as 3D printing." "Using 3D printing technology, Gyeongnam Province will accelerate the construction of smart factories and the creation of smart industrial complexes," he added.

The exhibition, held under the slogan "Design to Manufacturing Innovation," consists of exhibitions and conferences related to industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing. A total of 58 companies from six countries including 3D Systems, the world's leading 3D printing company, Markforged from US and S/W company Materialise, and Korea's leading companies such as Daeguntech, Hepzhivah, Carima, and Graphy took part to exhibit their 3D printing equipment, 3D-related devices and parts, powder material and S/W.

Daeguntech, a Changwon company actively working to localize 3D printers, presented large-scale 3D printers capable of printing large metal parts and 3D printers capable of printing special materials such as magnesium and PEEK. At the exhibition hall, many local 3D printing users including Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Volvo, Hyundai Motors, and LG Electronics appeared, and KERI, KIMS, and DTAQ showed great interest in industrial 3D printing.

Also, at the 3D Printing Conference held concurrently with the exhibition, world-renowned scholars from the UK, Germany and the US participated to hold 14 sessions on topics such as Aerospace & Automotive, Industrial Tooling and Simulation, and Materials and Processes.

In particular, for the first time in Korea, a NASA expert attended and gave a presentation on aerospace additive manufacturing, which completely filled 150-seats on the first day. TCT conference will be held until the 17th.

3D printing technology, which represents Industry 4.0 industrial revolution, is applied to the new mold manufacturing, automobile, and aircraft parts, thereby contributing to creating new jobs for professionals such as 3D parts design, manufacturing process, and post-processing.

TCT KOREA 2019 event is held at the Changwon Convention Center (CECO) until October 18.

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