[Video] DIFA 2019 site sketch
[ Jane Lee 2019-10-23 ]  

Daegu International Future Auto Expo 2019 (DIFA 2019) was held in Daegu EXCO (CEO Seo Jang-eun) from October 17 (Thu) to 20 (Sun) with great fanfare.

Major automakers like Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Renault Samsung, and Tesla and global auto parts companies like Hyundai Mobis, LG, Samsung SDI, and KT exhibited at the show.

Also, Korea's major auto parts companies like SL Corporation, Sambo Motors, Kyung Chang Industrial, Valeo Pyeong Hwa, Pyung Hwa Holdings, Erae AMS, Korea Igus, Daeyoung Chaevi and universities fostering talents in the automobile industry like DGIST, Kyungpook National University, Keimyung University and Kyungil University participated.

This year's show was filled with fun and excitement exposition of future cars with autonomous driving shuttles, eco-friendly cars, and miniature electric cars, as well as e-mobility devices such as electric kickboards and electric cars.

At the forum event where future automotive experts from Korea and abroad gather in one place, 78 speakers spoke at 25 sessions for heated discussion.

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