[GITEX 2019] Mobiletech aims to provide 3D spatial information map service in Dubai
[ Jane Lee 2019-10-10 ]  

Mobiletech received the support from Yonsei University Startup Support Group to exhibit at GITEX 2019 from Oct. 6 to 10 to introduce 3D spatial information map service for smart cities.

This service provides 3D spatial information map needed for autonomous driving vehicles or drones to travel safely.

Information related to roads such as traffic lights and lanes that are not included in existing 2D maps, as well as other facilities are provided as maps.

Mobiletech does not only provide this information only once, but also accumulates data using spatial information AI and boasts more information volume and higher precision than other services.

The high-precision map collection equipment is also operated by Mobiletech, guaranteeing low cost for collect data.

CEO Kim Jae-seung said, "A 3D spatial information guidance service is essential for autonomous vehicles and unmanned robots. Here, we have found out that courier service has been implemented in Dubai and people are highly interested in autonomous driving vehicles and delivery robots."

He added, "Dubai is still actively building buildings, and there are many new buildings, so there is a lot of market demand for collecting and updating spatial information in the building. We are going to work on expanding our market in Dubai."

In its 39th year, GITEX 2019 was attended by more than 4,500 companies from 140 countries, and it is the major ICT exhibition in the Middle East and Africa sought by 100,000 overseas buyers.

A wide range of products and technologies from home appliances to telecommunications equipment, IT, and Industry 4.0 are displayed. Also, GITEX Future Stars, with more than 750 startups, 400 large investors and global accelerators, also took place.

Yonsei University Startup Support Group that participated in Gulf Information Technology Exhibition began its service in 1993 as a startup fostering center and has entered Yonsei University in 2011. It has been promoted as the startup support group, and is being run to encourage the students, faculty and researches to start business and develop technology in a systematic way.

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