Spacosa mass-produces Global Gper for the global market
[ Jane Lee 2019-10-08 ]  

Spacosa, one of the companies located in Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center in Anyang, announced that it has completed the development of an independent device that provides real-time location information of tracking targets in over 200 countries without a smartphone, and built the mass production system. Recently launched by Spacosa, Global Gper is equipped with a global USIM on miniaturized devices, enabling real-time location information in 200 countries around the world. It is currently being used in mobility service in addition to asset management such as container cargoes.

Spacosa already had provided location tracking information with the app installed in the smartphone. Now, it is providing the service without the app to provide the service with the same quality regardless of the smartphone performance and settings. It has launched the GPS location tracking device Gper in 2016, and has been providing location information service using the LoRa network from SK Telecom since November of the same year. It has been recognized for its service quality and building diverse customer base in the domestic market. It has recently launched Global Gper to actively expand its overseas market to fulfill the needs in the overseas service and diversify the market. Global Gper is a 3G-based real-time location tracker device. By installing this device with the global USIM to the target you want to track, you can check the location real-time by automatic roaming and intercountry movements in the web or app. Jo Woo-ju, the CEO of Spacosa, said, "There are many companies that provide location tracking information by using the global USIM, but we are the first company to install global USIM to a separate GPS location tracking device and provide the service to 200 countries worldwide."

Spacosa has raised the service quality by pilot testing Global Gper around the world for more than six months to conduct tests on roaming, data transmission and collection on the local communication networks, and upon the assurance that it can provide stable service, it has begun mass production. "There are more people who are using the location tracking service than we think," Cho said. He added, "Korean companies are using our device for asset management such as equipment and vehicles that are being used in overseas sites, and foreign companies are using our device for logistics tracking such as containers and cargoes." In addition, the demand for Global Gper is expanding in the B2C sector, including location services for missing children and elderly with dementia, monitoring of delivery vehicles, baggage loss prevention services, and overseas education centers.

"With the recent expansion of mobility sharing platforms, the use of location tracking solutions is greatly expanding to public kickboard services, shared vehicle services, and smart cities," said Cho, who had mentioned that he has built a strategic plan to create new profit model along with the expansion of overseas market." "In our location tracking device, you can insert not only GPS and communication network, but also Bluetooth function, so you can receive data together with other device sensors," said Cho. He also said, "It can be used in a variety of fields because you can add temperature and humidity data in the location tracking data payload and send commands." He also added that cold chains, early morning deliverers, and blood carriers contacted Spacosa first, proving the market potential. Spacosa which had only provided cloud-based SaaS and API until now, will provide edge computing-based service from November this year to resolve customer's concerns about data security and having to log on to the server. With this, Spacosa will be able to provide open source as well as customized customer service. Spacosa plans to expand its 3G-based service to LET and 5G and launch the LTE and 5G-based device in 2020. Its ultimate goal is to use the small module installed in LTE + GPS to develop and produce GPS trackers as wearables.

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