[MUST GO IN KOREA] Asia's first luxury hat brand Luielle explored
[ Jane Lee 2019-10-02 ]  

The luxury hat brand Luielle (CEO Shirly Chun) held the MUST GO IN KOREA event in front of the foreign press and influencers at Luielle Hwadong Branch located in Bukcheon, Seoul on Sep. 24.

This event is a global brand marketing event prepared to promote well-known MADE IN KOREA brands to the global market. The foreign press and the influencers attend the networking party and experience the products on-site.

The brand Luielle was founded by Shirly Chub who was nominated as "Modist" (hat master in Korean).

To present the best hat, Luielle had always developed new designs and used the most luxurious materials and the craftsmanship by the world's best designer, to live up to its reputation as the luxury handmade brand.

In Korea, the brand's hats have been featured in many films and dramas. It is also the brand most worn by Korea's celebrities.

Also, the corporate established the corporate CHAPEAUX for the advancement of global distribution of Luielle. It is actively running its business domestically and globally, and has chosen 40 department stores, retail stores and distributors and Tokyo Imperial Hotel Arcade. And, only the best premium channels like the international distribution network from round-the-world cruise lines are chosen to sell its products.

It has recently opened Asia's largest hat museum "Luielle Hat Museum" in Jeonju Hanok Village, successfully holding the drive for new growth called cultural contents business.

CEO Chun said, "Hats are the mirrors of the society, and wholly reflects the situation and romance of the period. I hope that when you experience making the hats here, you take not the hats, but romance. I thank the spotlight the foreign press has given me, and I hope that the Luielle brand is well promoted in the global market."

Cho Hyeon-jong, the CEO of the distribution corporate of Luielle, said, "An average men's circumference of the head is 58 cm, but the circumference of the Korean traditional hats is 52 cm. This means that it is meant to be placed, not worn. So, if you have a bad posture, the hat will fall off. Korea's traditional noblemen knew how to discipline themselves with the hats."

He also said, "The foreign luminaries who had come to the Korean peninsula in 1890s described Korea as the country of hats, and 70% of the world's hat supply comes from Korea."

The foreign press and celebs who attended the MUST GO IN KOREA event are Geekazine (US), Lecafedegeek (France), Yesky (China), Vietnamplus (Vietnam), My Fat Pocket (Singapore), AVING Russia (Russia), AVING Korea.

Global News Network 'AVING'
by Jane Lee (www.aving.net)

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