Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention begins Sep. 20
[ Jane Lee 2019-09-19 ]  

Sixty-eight companies exhibit in 120 booths for three days with 20,000 expected number of guests

2019 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention, where you can experience everything about medical tourism and medical technology resources, will be held in Seongnam City Hall from September 20 to 22.

Hosted by Seongnam City and organized by Seongnam Medical Tourism Council and Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency, this event is sponsored by the MCST, Gyeonggi-do, KTO, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, KHIDI, Seongnam Doctors Association, Seongnam Association of Korean Medicine, Seongnam Dentist Association, Seongnam Pharmacist Association, Seongnam Nurse Association, Visit Korea Committee, Daegu Medical Tourism Promotion Agency, Korea Public Health Association Gyeonggi Branch, and KPTA Gyeonggi Branch, having 68 companies exhibiting in 120 booths. The number of visitors is expected to be 20,000, including 65 overseas buyers from 13 countries like Russia, Mongolia, China and Vietnam.

For three days, Seongnam International Medical Tourism Exhibition and Seongnam Medical Device Exhibition will be held in the lobby of the first floor of the City Hall. Medical equipment like imaging, rehabilitation, health care and bio, medical insurance for foreign tourists, interpretation services, medical tourism products related to severe diseases, plastic surgery, skin care, and rehabilitation of local medical institutions can be viewed at a glance.

In the City Hall Square, digital medical equipment, beauty experience hall, old age-friendly industry hall, and experience hall will be installed and operated. Experiences in cognitive dementia in VR, opthalmologic examination, and virtual exercise space using 5G (5th-gen) technology make it easy for the general public to understand the medical tourism industry. Makeup, nail art, scalp tests, future diabetes predictions, and art psychological treatments can also be experienced.

In the City Hall, international conferences, medical device and medical tourism business conferences, and hospital public relations sessions will be held. During the convention, the city will hold the Seongnam Garden Festival (Sep. 20-21) and the Saturday Art Festival (Sep. 21) to continue the event full of attractions.

Seongnam City was the first local government to hold the International Medical Tourism Convention in Korea last year. To promote the region's excellent medical technology and tourism resources at home and abroad, it is holding its second convention this year. According to the results of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's 2018 Foreign Patients Acquisition, Seongnam City attracted 10,179 foreign patients last year, which was 105% growth from the previous year (4,975 patients).

Meanwhile, with the popularity of medical tourism, the domestic beauty tourism industry is also growing. Accordingly this year, 2019 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention will make a place for MIK (Made in Korea) BEAUTY ZONE, hosted by Global News Network AVING News. MIK is a global project that has promoted Korea's competitive companies all over the world and expanded their channels.

It provides the opportunities for entry into domestic and overseas markets with the exhibitions for beauty companies, promotion by global media and YouTubers, and buyer matching consultation.

The participating media include: △Lecafedugeek (France) △SVPRESSA.RU (RUSSIA) △YESKY (China) △VietnamPlus (Vietnam) △Geekazine (U.S.A) △MyFatPocket (SINGAPORE)  △AVING RUSSIA TV (RUSSIA) △IT Donga (Korea) △Early Adapter (Korea) △Beta News (Korea)

List of 10 beauty exhibitors: △Grand Cosnet △Hondo △Eroom Factory △Yellow Punch △Trunia △PG World △Ami Cosmetic △Roits Nine △Hare Mari △Fresh Queen

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