Cubroid, will be outdooring their newest and artificial intelligence Robot
[ Lee Eun Sil 2019-09-05 ]  

The leading company in the world of AI & Robotics, Cubroid, will be outdooring their newest and world's first wireless artificial intelligence Robot at IFA-Berlin 2019.

Considering the saturation of STEAM products in the maker blocks market, Cubroid stands out with its unique features of connecting wirelessly without having to use any connecting cables/wires and its compatibility with LEGOs.

Artibo, over the past months, has been well received at CES and MWC. Due to this, it's been upgraded to provide services to more than 7 countries as we prepare to launch it in October this year in South Korea.

As part of declaring the year 2019 a year of global advancement, Cubroid's CEO Jae-Kwang Shin has presented in the World's Top IT exhibitions thus CES 2019, MWC 2019 and the forthcoming IFA 2019.

Cubroid is currently gaining popularity and as a result, it's being exported to 34 countries of which Germany is a part of.

Shin will be participating in the forthcoming exhibition at Berlin as part of his strategy to further expand his sales channels into the European market and also enter the Middle East market by participating in the upcoming GITEX exhibition in October this year and as well as Edutech Asia – Singapore in November this year.

Considering that Cubroid started exporting in Spring earlier this year, the coding blocks have gained popularity and it is being sold to kindergartens and elementary schools in 34 countries worldwide.

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