Seoul Soft signs contract with Incheon Metropolitan City Bus Transport Business Association for ERP system to get ready for Industry 4.0
[ Samuel Kim 2019-08-01 ]  

Seoul Soft, an ICT company specializing in passenger and cargo transport located in Digital Contents Company Development Support Center (formerly Smart Contents Center) announced that it has signed an ERP system contract with Incheon Metropolitan City Bus Transport Business Association on July 29.

Incheon Metropolitan City Bus Transport Business Association that owns 42 city bus companies and Seoul Soft showed a firm commitment to make a joint effort in the commercialization of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) with the contract. This is expected to promote mutual development and play a pivotal role in the city bus industry in the future.

Recently, with the reinforced public interest of the semi-public bus system, sharing information and effective business processing of the transportation company are becoming more and more important. In this sense, ERP system is being regarded as a more remarkable technology. The ERP system is characterized by the ability to actively support bus company operations such as △ personnel salary system △ material procurement management △ accounting system △ driver education management △ driving habit analysis and △ accident analysis data.

For this, Incheon Metropolitan City Bus Transport Business Association chose ERP system from Seoul Soft to carry out the efficient business management that is different from the existing analog business processing method. We expect to see positive results in various aspects such as data storage and utilization related to company management, accident reduction through professional system and improvement of fuel efficiency.

Seoul Soft is currently supplying and providing maintenance on specialized ERP and cargo transport platform to 60 city bus companies, 512 town bus companies, 200 chartered bus companies and 26 taxi companies on top of 2,000 transport companies. Such experience and know-how have backed up the reason for Incheon Metropolitan City Bus Transport Business Association to select Seoul Soft as the ERP system provider.

"We will continue to develop innovative system," a company official from Seoul Soft said. "We will contribute to increasing the use of public transportation by making and building the economic operating conditions." Also showing the ambition, "We will lead the next-gen smart transportation system that fits Industry 4.0," he added.

This project from Seoul Soft was selected as a "SME network technology development project" from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and received about 500 million won worth of project budget. This company is developing the world's first AI-based optimized dispatch and automatic operation management system for city buses.

This technology is a system to efficiently manage the dispatching operations by providing the pattern analysis of city bus travel time, optimized dispatch plan by routes, and real-time dispatching guide based on deep learning algorithm. By studying the accumulated data and information by situations, this company is sure to build a high-level algorithm solution, and leading to high anticipations on the future outcome.

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