Season 1 of 11th MIK 2019 Conference & Networking to be held on July 18
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MIK 2018 Season 2

Every path goes through YouTube, and the economy is reflected by contents. YouTube, which is infinitely expanding its role from being just a video clip viewer to search engine, is expanding even wider by converging with AI, big data and 5G.

Especially in the age where the axis of media is moving from paid media (newspaper, broadcasting, SNS) to owned media (your own media, homepage, SNS), SMEs in Korea feel that it is too difficult to approach it although they are aware of the change and the importance.


By participating in 100 trade shows in Korea and overseas, including CES in Las Vegas, IFA in Germany and MWC in Spain, Aving News has been making the effort to promote the Korean SMEs in the global market, and we have been reporting news through YouTube, uploading about 20,000 video clips (no. 1 in all media across the world).

In addition, as a part of owned media prior to the expectation from the market, it is evolving into the brand channel media platform in the perspective of providing the minimum information such as the business status, products and service instead of viral or jackpot promotion.

French YouTuber Monsieur GRrr with 180 thousand subscribers

In relation to this, Aving News will be holding its 11th MIK 2019 Season 1 Made in Korea 2019 Conference & Networking on July 18 at L Tower Grand Ballroom in Yangjae-dong.

The 11th MIK 2019 Season 1 is hosted by Aving News, along with Ubergizmo (US), Gigazine (US), GadgetMatch (US), YESKY (China), Lecafedegeek (France), Monsieur GRrr (France), Vietnamplus (Vietnam) and Bisinis Indonesia (Indonesia) as co-planners and global partners. Aving News is the media partner of MWC and IFA and 100 trade shows every year with major media and global news network from 54 countries.

US YouTuber Geekazine, specializing in consumers, music, video and enterprise technology

This event is a convention that promotes outstanding Korean startups and SMEs both online and offline that runs a major crowdfunding platform. Promotion by startup investors and global media will begin. Also, owned media operation strategy know-hows from SMEs and the ways to use brand channel by Aving News will be introduced.

Programs at the event are as follows: △Press pitching △Crowdfunding consulting and entrance consultation △ IR consulting and investment consultation △Promotion video contents by participating companies △Live promotion by famous memedia △Photo time with models △Conference session (Session 1: How companies use YouTube/ Session 2: New distribution strategy from Xiaomi/ Session 3: Entering global market by using influencer marketing) △Networking Party △Global Media Award

Geekazin chooses outstanding Korean company at MIK Season 2

The top 3 companies selected as The best of Made in Korea will be given the chance to participate in CES 2020 startup booths and prize money (1st prize $2000, 2nd $1000, 3rd $50). The application for participating in 11th MIK 2019 Season 1 are being accepted. For more information regarding Made In Korea and startup MIK, call the secretariat.

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