The first international sewage show in Korea ends in success
[ Jane Lee 2019-06-20 ]  

The 1st Suwon International Sewage Treatment & Toilet Show held at the Suwon Convention Center ended its three-day journey, showing Korea's outstanding water treatment and toilet companies at a glance.

Suwon City announced that it held the 1st Suwon International Sewage Treatment & Toilet Show from June 13 to 15 at Suwon Convention Center to promote outstanding water treatment and toilet industry technology and find sales channels with the support from the World Toilet Association and Korea Toilet Association.

Organized by KINTEX, Suwon Convention Center Project Team, and The Fairs, SSTT was participated by 100 companies in 200-booth scale, introducing advanced water and wastewater treatment technology/equipment, non-point pollution reduction technology, water-related facilities, toilet facilities/equipment and building materials facilities.

In the toilet industry, Saturn Bath and Interbath participated, and in the sewage and water treatment sector, TSK Water, Muhan Technical, Royal Precision Industry, Ewha Eco System participated. Also, special sections for the recently hit water saving and safe toilet and outstanding water treatment procurement companies have been prepared, and have attracted attention from the people in the relevant industries.

In particular, Suwon City emphasized the creation of sustainable water environment and realization of public sanitation welfare with the promotion space for environmental policies and public toilet improvement/management project and remote demonstration of sewage treatment facility control system.

In addition, by operating a business matching plaza, a support project to invite foreign big buyers who have guaranteed purchasing power for domestic companies to open overseas markets, Clean India personnel was invited to the show and an export contract MOU was signed, stepping one step closer to exporting Korean toilets and water treatment products.

To help businesses grow and gain understanding from the industry stakeholders, a variety of programs have also been prepared.

The 6th World's Toilet Leaders Forum, which was held on June 11th, also hosted International Toilet Culture Conference at Convention Hall 3 on the first day of the show, having 200 participants from 15 countries to join the discussion on the development status and future plan on the world's toilet industry.

The Suwon Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Technology Symposium organized by Suwon City Sewage Management Department and the University of Seoul was held on the 14th in Conference Room 203. Information on the environment policy direction of the Ministry of Environment according to the unification of policy on water management by the government, environmental policy related to sewage disposal by Suwon City and the latest research technology information were shared.

In addition to this, the Korea Toilet Association held a workshop for quality control personnel of portable toilet group standard certified companies, and Suwon City and other local governments are providing training for public toilet managers. With the theme of "safety", ways to create safe toilet and the toilet trend 2020 was presented in academia-industry cooperated toilet seminar, along with the 11th School Toilet Improvement Symposium, hosted by MOIS and Toilet Culture Citizen Solidary. There was also a symposium with a mission to maintain water supply and secure water resource as a country of water shortage.

There were also training and experience space for the general visitors who were interested in water conservation and bathroom products. On Saturday, CBS TV's "15 Minutes to Change the World" was held with the lecture given on the topic of "Every change in the world begins in the bathroom!" Also, special lectures in humanity from Unist Sciencewalden and Korea Toilet Research Lab was given with the titles "Science, Arts and Humanities of Toilet", presenting the restroom culture to the general audience from a new perspective.

At the world's first toilet museum Haewoojae, participants became the ambassadors of the toilet culture, experiencing the "toilet of the future with poop as the resource".

With the fund collected from the caricature event held by inviting Smile Gogh and Mok Seok-ae, paper toilet will be donated to developing countries. Exhibitions titled "Suwon 1100th Anniversary Photo Exhibition", "Photo Exhibition of Public Restroom Support Projects in Developing Countries", and "Design Contest for University Students' Public Restrooms" were also held.

For more information about the next year's event, please contact the secretariat.

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