Attention to Nuguna Neckband, the hearing aid that enables people feel sound
[ Jane Lee 2019-04-24 ]  

UFirst (CEO Hyunsang Lee), the global maverick in the hearing aid market, introduced the world's first sound-feeling vibrational aural device Nuguna Neckband.

It is the only product that makes the hearing-impaired people feel the sounds, and it has brought the sensation to the hearing-impaired whose only source of information from the world had been through their eyes.

The degree of hearing impairment is mainly classified into two, having difficulty in hearing and complete hearing loss. For the people who have completely lost their hearing abilities, no conventional hearing aid will be of help.

It is equipped with the vibration function that recognizes the sound signals in different directions just by wearing it on the neck.

This can help the users to recognize various situations including the dangerous ones like approaching vehicles. It can also be used as an auxiliary device in addition to the conventional hearing aid.

The exclusive core technology of UFirst enables scanning of 1,000 times per second to obtain the average value of the surrounding noise. It notifies only when the noise level is higher than the average value, so it will not vibrate excessively in the spaces like construction sites or near the big roads where it is usually noisy.

Above all, it looks like a fashionable earphone that hangs around the neck, so it does not look like a hearing aid. Unlike the other hearing aids that have to be worn all day, it can be worn as a neckband when not in use, and can be put on only when needed.

Also, studying from the survey on 300 respondents who are hearing impaired and focusing on the UX (user experience) along with three years of development experience, the company has been evaluated as being customer-oriented.

UFirst has also showcased a highly-functional wearable hearing aid with 32ch-support that includes the vibrational hearing-aid feature. It is most recognized for breaking the convention that hearing aids should be ultra-compact, which is often followed by the high price. This hearing aid is big, with substantially enhanced function.

CEO Hyunsang Lee of UFirst said, "Nuguna neckband is a necessary item for the 9.6% of hearing-impaired people who have completely lost their hearing and cannot use hearing aids among the existing 14.4% of the hearing-impaired people. This is the part that has not been solved in the global hearing aid market, so it is loved by the hearing-impaired people."

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