Suwon-si, established Korea's first fusion exhibition on sewage treatment and toilet
[ MJ HONG 2019-04-30 ]  

The Mayor of Suwon, Yeom Tae-yeong, has announced that the Suwon International Sewage Treatment and Toilet Show (SSTT 2019) will be held at the Suwon Convention Center for three days from June 13th.

There had been high expectations on the event as it is Korea's first fusion exhibition on sewage treatment and toilet co-hosted by the World Toilet Association and the Korean Toilet Association, co-organized by KINTEX and The Fairs, the leader of exhibition and convention industry. The exhibition, which will be held in Suwon, a global city of water cycling, will showcase a variety of products ranging from water treatment and toilet technology to piping products and building materials.

The global sewage treatment market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% over the past five years (2018-2023) and the sewerage penetration rate in Korea is expected to be around 92.9%, where installation and renovation of sewer pipes are expected to continue. In the case of the toilet industry, it is expected that the revised demand will be followed by the amendment of the enforcement regulations (Ministry of Interior and Safety) of the law on public toilets in 2017. As such, toilets and water treatment industry have become a very important issue with the reuse of water in Korea, which is a water-scarce country, as a factor that improves the quality of life of the people.

With this in mind, the exhibition aims to improve the quality of life of the people and to pre-empt the demand of the third world market.

The 6th World Toilet Leaders Forum, which will be held at the same time as the exhibition, will invite high-ranking figures of the member countries of the Association (200 people in 20 countries) to present examples of toilet supply projects and various topics for the development of the industry. Wastewater treatment technology seminars, school toilets forum, water saving symposium, public toilet manager education, and toilet and humanities seminar will be held together to provide information on new technologies related to sewage treatment and toilets.

In addition, a conference on export will be held to invite the representatives of government agencies and contractors in developing countries, who are rapidly increasing demand for water and sewage facilities and restrooms, in order to promote a new market for domestic firms. Other than that, it is expected be the first step towards a global exhibition and will create practical business opportunities by having domestic government and local government waterworks and sewage facility management personnel, resting areas, lodging facility managers, public toilet managers, waterworks and sewerage companies, and sewage treatment management companies participate in the conference.

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