Lightlink Display launches its 'GLORY' technologies for newly ren-tal Solutions at KOBA 2019
[ MJ HONG 2019-04-15 ]  

Shenzhen Lightlink Display Technology Co., official partner of the Olympic Council of Asia, will showcase its latest rental and fabulous LED solutions in booth C401 at the Korea International Broadcast Audio & Lighting Equipment Show(KOBA2019) taking place in Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX), Seoul,Korea from May 22 to 25.

LIGHTLINK commits to providing customers with a full range of LED display solutions.Our brand currently holds over 50% market share in mainland China, and has seen ample growth in overseas rental markets over the last couple of year, products are sold in more than 130 countries. we are honored to continue to advance based on what we have achieved so far and showcase newly innovation to KOBA in this year, which display our ground-breaking LED technologies that combine professional innovation and multi-scene LED solutions. In addition, the whole booth design is combined with e-sports element, continuing the 2018 Asian games e-sport style.

Glory series (E&T)- fully modular design&concise but not simple

The brand new Glory series has super compatible & Smart modular design and it with ultra light&mutual module, lighter frame, and easier installations. Glory series E&T possesses ultra light&mutual module and easily&conveniently tool-free parts allows for ease of assembly and dismantle,is suitable for various hanging and stacking installation. The different sizes of the same series of cabinets 500*1000mm & 500*500mm can be spliced with each other to enhance the superior operability for creative solution.
With current sharing power supply technology, double power backup and integrated power box, It also has magnesium alloy panels and carbon fiber tube, which can be compatible with several series. Featuring super versatility, It also applied in 90°installation for cube design and curved installation via arc locks(0°±5°±10°).

LR-SM with intelligent innovation

It is worth mentioning that is another hot sales product, LR-SM series, which has Smart module with memory storage function and calibration data memory function, ensure the data can be saved timely and used immediately. And its characteristics also includes automatic color calibration for wide viewing angle,dual power backup & universal detachable power box and so on. In addition, all-round protection design, convenient maintenance and replacement through wire free modular design for any accidental circumstance.

LR-Pro series-clever design and unique technology

LR-Pro features every Selected leds, rich in color display, high gray scale, high color reproduction, and elaborate details. it is equipped with a new version of quick lock. New designed die-casting aluminum back cover for better waterproof and heat dissipation, ensuring smooth playback of the whole process, applied in international conferences for several times such as the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference 2018.

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