Aquarex, a Massage Machine Using Hydraulic Pressure and Buoyant Force
[ Jane Lee 2019-03-16 ]  

Hanil-TM, which produces a physiotherapy machine, exhibits various instruments

Booth of Hanil-TM attending KIMES 2019 held in COEX from Mar 14 to 17.

Hanil-TM, which manufactures physiotherapy machine and rehabilitation machine, introduced medical vibrator HAD-1300 Aquarex at the 35th International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES 2019) that runs Mar. 14-17 in COEX.

Aquarex, Hanil-TM's assured vibrator for rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment.

Having a shape similar to a waterbed, Aquarex allows accurate massage because it has two ways of rotational jet propulsion that automatically controls the scope of massage according to the height of the user. This product relaxes the muscle for patients with arthritis and back pain by using buoyant force, water temperature, and hydraulic pressure; it can also strengthen the muscle which widens the scope of mobility and reduces the risk of injury.

Hanil-TM is manufacturing various physiotherapy and rehabilitation instruments.

Hanil-TM also introduced orthopedic and electronic workout appliances in KIMES 2019. Relax K3 is an electronic appliance for hinge joint, traumatic muscle, rehabilitation of muscle after surgery, and recovery of joints through exercise. It can rotate 10 to 140 degrees enabling a wide scope of mobility; the total weight of the product is only 10kg which makes it portable. EMT Plus is a product utilized for regeneration of the muscle and recovery of the joints through exercising patients with stroke and damaged medullary.

The company is also manufacturing a variety of physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercise devices such as an external shock wave therapy device, a medical low-temperature device, an ultrasonic stimulator, and a microwave stimulator.

KIMES is Korea's largest medical equipment and hospital facility show that has been steadily growing since the first show in 1980 with the development of Korean medical industry. Currently, Korea's medical industry has transformed into a technology-intensive, high-tech industry with medical information system, ultrasound scanners, medical imaging equipment, robotic medical care, AI, and rehabilitation medicine. KIMES has become a world-class medical show as it contributed to the advancement of Korean medical industry. The exhibitors will showcase new technologies and new products in the medical industry like advanced hospital facilities, medical information systems integrated with IT technology, and automobile industry for quick patient transportation.

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