Sylfirm and Scarlet Micro Needle Make the Skin Lively
[ MJ HONG 2019-03-16 ]  

Viol, a representative company of RF micro needling, has attended KIMES 2019 held in COEX from Mar 14 to 17.

Viol, a microneedle specialized company, exhibits its main product in COEX KIMES from Mar 14 to 17.

Producing and selling RF micro needling equipment, Viol introduced Sylfirm and Scarlet (known as Valerina in Korean market) at the 35th International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Exhibition (KIMES 2019) that runs Mar. 14-17 in COEX.

Products substantialized based on Viol's microneedle technique.

The microneedle of radio frequency penetrating the skin improves skin condition and gives a lifting effect on the skin. Viol manufacturing needling equipment for the use of disease treatment makes products out of pure domestic technology.

Valerina, internationally known as Scarlet, is a product that emphasizes the motto of 'one treatment that can cover the scope from face to the body'. Microneedle penetrated into the skin is a product that uses the radio frequency energy to prevent skin wrinkles by solidifying the skin.

Sylfirm, which has the main function of treating blemish and freckle, can cure the cause of blemish by strengthening the basement membrane of the skin. Unlike existing razor products, which only focus on treating blemish on the superficial surface of the skin, the penetration of microneedle enables the cure for the cause of blemish.

The decoration of the exhibition booth which explains the operation mechanism of Symfirm and Scarlet.

Jong-Ju La, CEO of the company, who explained that the Viol's microneedle products are "protocol invented by an anatomy doctor. Until our products, Sylfirm and Scarlet which has an original technology based on patent certificate, become a prestige brand, I am going to research, develop, and advertise the company."

KIMES is Korea's largest medical equipment and hospital facility show that has been steadily growing since the first show in 1980 with the development of Korean medical industry. Currently, Korea's medical industry has transformed into a technology-intensive, high-tech industry with medical information system, ultrasound scanners, medical imaging equipment, robotic medical care, AI, and rehabilitation medicine. KIMES has become a world-class medical show as it contributed to the advancement of Korean medical industry. The exhibitors will showcase new technologies and new products in the medical industry like advanced hospital facilities, medical information systems integrated with IT technology, and automobile industry for quick patient transportation.

(Video: KIMES 2019 site sketch)

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