AdipoLABs, exhibit the medical hyperthermia equipment 'REMISSION 1℃'
[ MJ HONG 2019-03-08 ]  

AdipoLABs has developed a variety of high-frequency medical devices, including obesity treatment and pain relief, and is a manufacturer of high-frequency hyperthermia medical devices  that has developed a high-frequency hyperthermia medical equipment called REMISSION1℃ for cancer treatment based on existing development.

REMISSION1℃ is a medical device manufactured and sold by AdipoLABs with pure Korean domestic technology and is a product licensed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) as a high-frequency hyperthermia medical equipment to treat cancer in October 2015. After that, it obtained Halal certification in May 2018 and FDA registration in August 2018 and ISO13485 in October 2018 and Charia certification in November 2018 and RoHS certification in December.

REMISSION1℃ has a mechanism to necrotize cancer cells that are weak in heat by inducing deep heat by transferring high-frequency to the human body.

It is a treatment that activates the immune system as the body temperature rises, giving cancer patients both at home and abroad a new hope.

In Korea, it is used for treatment at many hospitals including Catholic University Seoul St. Mary's Hospital. Overseas export contracts and export inquiries are being conducted from India, Uzbekistan, China, Malaysia and Russia.

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