Carry "Wisent", a bag with sophisticated European style and sentiment
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SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> A few years ago, DSLR was a high-priced device that can be afforded by only some users. Over time, its price has gotten lower. Some DSLRs have been lower-priced than high-end digital cameras; DSLR has become a device that can be chosen by consumers without hesitation. In addition, one of the reasons why DSLR has been popular in Korea quickly is the active use of blogs. In order to show more distinct, cooler photos than other people, DSLR having diverse lenses and larger sensors is superior to compact digital cameras in some fields.

What do you think the first accessory you should buy after purchasing DSLR? It depends on individuals; however, a bag that will carry DSLR is probably a must-have item that should be bought first. Since DSLR is larger than regular compact cameras and is high-priced, it should be protected against external shocks with a bag dedicated to cameras. Now, diverse styles of camera bags are on market, and they have diverse prices from low to high. Their designs are really diverse from an explicit look and feel of camera bags to designs focusing on style. The selection of a design depends on the consumer's taste. Users who want to take pictures in everyday life seem to prefer bags, which look like fashion items and go well with any clothes, to flash bags.

The camera bag I will introduce has the aforementioned attractive qualities. "Wisent", a classic, high-end leather bag of Ciesta, which is the camera accessory brand of Digital Changsin (CEO: Kim Chang-sin; website:, is a stylish camera bag that can be enjoyed in everyday life.

"Wisent (CSB1635M Black)" of Ciesta has external dimensions of 30×16×20cm, internal dimensions of 28x12x18, and a weight of 1.3kg. Its colors are dark brown and black, and it is made of buffalo leather and Italian leather made of the whole animal skin.

Buffalo Leather

The biggest feature of Wisent is that this product is made of buffalo leather. Buffalo leather is lighter and more pliable and durable than other kinds of leather. Wisent was expected to be a little heavy since it was a leather bag. However, when I lifted it for the first time, it was lighter than I thought. When I touched its leather, it felt a little stiff. However, while I was using it, I felt that it had the unique softness of leather. The reviewed product is in black. The quiet gloss of its surface delivers its classy look and feel.

The bottom side of the bag is made of 3mm high-end whole animal skin, which is manufactured by LA PERLA AZZURA of the Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium. As shown in the figure above, VERA PELLE, an international mark of the Associazione Italiana Manifatturieri Pelli E Succedanei (Italian Manufacturing and Leather Substitutes Association) can be verified from the bottom side. On the bottom side of the bag, five cleats are attached to the leather in order to protect the leather. Owing to the five cleats, the bag can be stood stably. Camera bags are usually put down on the floor in a variety of environments. Since this bag is protected by its leather, the leather is protected by the five cleats, it ensures the maintenance of durability. Actually, the bag looks stable when it is put down anywhere; thus, I was able to take pictures with ease.

Handle Made of the Whole Animal Skin

The handle of this bag is made of Italian whole animal skin. This type of leather does have different feel and touch from buffalo leather, and looks durable. I was sometimes worried that the handle of my bag would cut off while being carried because the bag has a heavy DSLR and its body. The handle of Wisent, which is made of the whole animal skin, eliminates this concern.

Inside of the cover of the bag, steel bars exist to withstand the weight of the bag and to distribute its weight.

Double Connection between the Sewing Lines and Metal Fittings

The part that should be observed most carefully when a bag such as a camera bag is purchased is the connection of the strap. I had liked the design and other advantages of the camera bag that I previously used; however, I stopped using the bag. The biggest reason for this was that the connection of the bag strap was broken. Although I had used the bag only for about a year, I was able to realize that the connection must be strong while seeing the broken connection. I thought that I should buy a robust product to use it for a long period of time even if it was high-priced.

On the connections of Wisent, the sewing lines and metal fittings are doubly secured; thus, they are robust. Since the metals of the connections are coated to prevent them from being corroded or discolored, concerns for discoloration or corrosion can be relieved.

Soft, Comfortable Shoulder Pad

Since picture-taking requires frequent long-time transports, the shoulder pad, which plays a role as a cushion, is also important. The shoulder pad of Wisent is made of 10mm NBR with good elasticity and shape restoration as an internal material to reduce heavy weight to the shoulder. Typically, shoulder pads built in camera bags have low quality; however, the shoulder pad of Wisent looked more sophisticated in terms of design or feel than paid shoulder pads. The bottom of the pad is made of a soft material to ensure skid-proof. The shoulder pad felt a little stiff. As I have continued to use the bag, the pad has gotten softer naturally.

The strap is made of twill acryl, which ensures high durability and is strong to humidity. Thus, it rarely generates fluffs. While I was actually using the bag for about a month, the strap did not generate fluffs, and kept light and clean.

In addition, the name tag of this bag, which is made of buffalo leather, makes the product sophisticated. Since a contact number can be put in the name tag and it is covered by vinyl, it is water-proof. The length of the strap can be adjusted to one of the four levels. This might be a trivial feature; however, it makes Wisent distinct.

Leather Loops made of Italian Whole Animal Skin Feeling Tough

The pockets on the front side are harmonized with leather loops made of Italian whole animal skin and metal buckles in gold. Each of the leather loops has three holes, and can be adjusted to three levels. The leather loops are linked with metal rings. It will be easy to understand this method if you think about waist belts. When I first connect the leather loops with the metal rings, the loops felt stiff. Although one month has passed since then, they still feel a little stiff. However, as time has gone by, the leather loops have gotten softer. It looks like the loops will be softer and be able to be easily connected or disconnected in the course of time.

As spare loops, two more leather loops are placed in the large pocket on the rear side of the bag to allow the users to use this bag as long as the lifecycle of leather. The kindness of the manufacturer for consumers stands out.

(Photo Caption: As spare loops, two leather loops made of Italian whole animal skin are placed in the large pocket on the rear side of the bag.)

The internal partitions are fixed. They can be attached or detached via Velcro to change the structure. The inside of the bag is made of water-proof cloth.

The inside of the bag has a sufficient space to have an intermediate-level DSLR equipped with a regular lens, a camcorder (flash), or a vertical grip. (I placed Canon DSLR 40D and 17-85 lenses in the bag.)

An internal side has a fixed mini pouch, which can be seen from high-priced camera bags and be tightened by strings. The pouch can carry a relatively little digital camera, a lens cover, or batteries.

The pocket on the front side can carry a little notebook, a digital camera, a portable camcorder, a mobile phone. I carry Sony WX1 digital camera or Sony Bloggie, a portable camcorder as well as a small notebook and a ballpoint pen in the front pocket and a gray card in the rear, large pocket as well as Samsung GX10, Tamron 17-50 lens, and Sony HDR-CX500 camcorder. These belongings fit well with the bag.

The large pocket on the rear side is easily secured with a magnet. I was able to carry a little book and a gray card.

Class in the Details of the Product

I was able to strongly feel endeavors and efforts for the details of Wisent. Stitch lines, which can be mainly seen from high-end imported cars, can be found from many parts of the bag. Since Wisent is made of Serafil, which is a high-end thread brand of Germany and maintains the shape of a product firmly for a long period of time, it looks reliable and classy. The metal fittings that can be easily seen from the product are coated to prevent them from being corroded or discolored while they are harmonized with the neat sewing lines. This product has excellent basic details that must be had by high-end products.

Classy and luxurious: "Wisent", an European style camera bag

"Wisent" bag of Ciesta used for about a month was flawless in terms of style and solidity. Since it went well with any style of clothes such as a suit and casual wear, it drew attention and was received favorably. Since it is in black, it looks more luxurious. It went well with females as well as males. "Wisent" got high scores in style, solidity, class, and practicality, which are the criteria for the selection of camera bags.

I think that "Wisent" of Ciesta would be the best choice for those who hesitate to purchase a camera bag considering style, want to buy a reliable, solid bag made of leather, or enjoy casual picture-taking without many camera devices. Although I have used for only one month, I have been fascinated with the leather to which I have gotten used. I have a good hunch that I will feel a growing attachment to Wisent.

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