South Korea Not Chosen as Innovation Champion in CES Again
[ Jane Lee 2019-02-07 ]  

At CES 2019, CTA announced the result of 2019 International Innovation Scorecard. A total of 16 countries were chosen as innovation champions, and South Korea was not one of them.

There were 28 indicators across 14 categories to determine the condition of the environment for innovation. Other items that were viewed for judgment are economic growth and social progress and the ability to suggest strategies that other countries can follow to achieve similar outcomes.

CTA has categorized the countries into four tiers: Innovation Champion, Innovation Leader, Innovation Adopters, and Modest Innovators. The 16 counties that were chosen as Innovation Champions are in the top tier. These countries had outstanding scores on most of the categories, and this resulted in high composite scores.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CTA said, "These countries are world-class leaders in growing innovation," and "When it comes to technology and policy, they value disruptive innovators. To be leaders in innovation, nations must drop protectionist rules and end barriers that limit them from creating the next great startups that will change the world for the better."

The most trending categories for 2019 were R&D investment, resilience, broadband speed, self-driving vehicles, and unicorns, domestic companies valued at USD 1 billion or more. Other notable categories include sharing economic policies, drone regulations, and the ability of the country to withstand and recover from disasters. Compared to the United States, the host country of CES and one of the 16 countries chosen as Innovation Champions, South Korea, ranking at second-tier Innovation Leader, scored especially low in diversity, unicorns, and short-term rentals. Overall, South Korea scored F on ridesharing and D on short-term rentals, suggesting South Korea's conservatism and closemindedness.

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