HUREV exhibits 'PluE +' plasma skin care device to promote absorption of cosmetics
[ Ji Wan Park 2019-01-30 ]  

Hurev Co.,Ltd. participates in KIMES 2019(35th Kora International Medical & Hospital Equipment show) to show PluE+, a personal plasma skin care device, and EV-JET, a comprehensive skin care equipment for skin care clinic.

Hurev Co., Ltd. succeeded in the localization of measurement and stimulation electrode for medical use and signed an ODM contract with leading domestic and foreign companies.

Hurev also manufactures customized electrodes with years of electrode development know-how. In addition, the company is expanding its business area with medical equipment and beauty equipment.

PluE + is a personal skin care device using Nano Pulse Plasma anyone can use easily.

PluE + irradiates to skin with a low-temperature plasma Generated through dielectric barrier discharge to give fine pores to the skin, helping the cosmetics to be absorbed quickly and sterilize harmful bacteria to improve skin condition.

It is expected that it will become the beauty device to lead the next generation 'K-BEAUTY' as a skin care device that can improve absorption rate, which is a major issue in the cosmetics industry.

'EV-JET' penetrates deeply into the pores of thin solution that mixed with sparkling water and AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid), to regenerate collagen by a temporary inflammatory reaction.

Also It is a next generation skin care device that brings complex skin improvement effect such as skin whitening, wrinkle and pore reduction EV-JET launched this year and getting a good response from consumers and is currently spurring exports.

In addition, Hurev will provide an opportunity to the visitors to demonstrate 'EV-JET' a comprehensive skin care equipment and 'Inno-Facial' the Aqua peel device those uses at the skin care clinic.

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