Samsung C-Lab spin-off company, lululab releases AI Skincare Assistant for High-tech Beauty Shopping Experience at CES 2019
[ Ji Wan Park 2019-01-08 ]  

Las Vegas, NV (January 8th, 2019) The beauty AI startup lululab will be showcasing brand-new products at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

lululab is a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics' C-Lab. An AI Skincare Assistant, LUMINI adopts AI technology to scan and analyze a person's facial skin in under 10 seconds and uses the results of its analysis to recommend the beauty products best suited for the condition of the user's skin. LUMINI received the CES Innovation Award 2019 in the biotech category for its novel use of skin data in the beauty industry.

lululab creates 'AI Beauty Store' with the new product 'LUMINI Kiosk', which features high-tech retail technology at CES 2019. Visitors can experience 3-step beauty shopping process: independent skin assessment and recommendation of appropriate cosmetic products, purchase of products via a smart payment method, and shipment of the purchased products to the designated pick-up location.

lululab will also provide CES attendees with a K-beauty curation service during the show from January 8th to 11th (LVCC, South Hall 3 – booth 32000). Through collaborations with famous K-beauty brands, the company will recommend K-beauty products that best meet the specific needs of individual visitors based on their analyzed skin data. With this solution and service, lululab would establish a foothold for expanding its solution in global market.

"LUMINI uses AI technology to offer customers a smart shopping experience that provides individually tailored services without assistance from store employees," said Yongjoon Choe, CEO of lululab. "Through collaborations with companies not only in the beauty but in retail, and IT industries, we hope to provide our data based individually tailored IT service to as many customers as possible."

Held every January by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES is the world's largest IT and home appliance trade show, providing a convenient overview of home appliance trends around the world.

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