Tom-E won an award in the Smart vehicles category of the CES19. Come and meet us at the UNVEILED booth EP80!
[ Ji Wan Park 2019-01-08 ]  

On January, the 6th in Las Vegas, Velco is receiving an award in the Vehicle Intelligence and self-driving Technology category. This innovation award is a symbol that "urban mobility is changing due to the urbanization of our populations" is declaring Johnny Smith – CMO & co-founder of the company.

The French company, Velco, which had also been awarded in 2018 for its connected handlebar will exhibit both products and give special interviews to the medias joining on their booth: Unveiled – EP80. Some big announcements will be made, and a very special partnership unveiled, with a worldwide leader in mobility.

Tom-E improves your daily commuting with this GPS navigation system connected to your smartphone. With just a glance, you will be able to get guided safely thanks to this ultra-intuitive device. You can plug it simply and benefit easy navigation on your motorbike, scooter, bicycle or even stroller. With Tom-E, riding has never been easier.

Tom-E is an international and universal GPS navigation system. It is easy to install, understand and safe for the user.
Tom-E is an intuitive and universal navigation system based on light signals.
It adapts quickly and easily to different means of transportation such as scooters, bicycles, small motorbikes, strollers and other vehicles.
Keep your smartphone in your pocket thanks to the Bluetooth connection.
Your mobile app allows you to select your destination address, to select the means of transportation used for the ride, and once arrived, to view your trip statistics.
A solution that you can adapt to all types of handlebars. It is universal!
You can install Tom-E very quickly, so you don't lose a minute. Its sleek design matches perfectly with your preferred means of transportation.

Johnny Smith, CMO at Velco commented: "We created the Tom-E to give to urban populations the ability to make rides safer and smarter. This product is easy to store in your pocket or purse, you can install it in 5 seconds, and set your destination from your smartphone. You are also able to access your statistics from the app, to know how many dollars you saved from not using your car. Tom-E is a revolution; it finally proves that navigation should be easy! It will be available at the end of the year for 79$."

Velco has different solutions for different markets. Here is a list of its four solutions:

Velco Products, an easy solution for everyone
The Tom-E or the Wink Bar, is the opportunity for everyone to opt for a safer and more enjoyable ride in the city.

Velco Tour, revolutionizes urban tourism
Choose your itinerary depending on your interests and let yourself be guided. The navigation system will indicate you when to stop, you should then take out your phone to learn about the peculiarities of the point of interest, thanks to a description automatically appearing on your screen.

Velco Delivery, the solution for the safety of your deliverymen
You are automatically alerted if your delivery men have an accident. A geolocation point allows you to intervene quickly. The GPS navigation system allows your employee to deliver the package to your customers in a secure and optimized way.

Velco City, a simple and effective experience for your users
Think about your users and their safety by integrating a connected solution on your
Means of transportation. You can guide any user with an international navigation system, which allows them to reach their destination while keeping their eyes on the road. Your customer service is automatically notified in case of an accident or breakdowns on your bikes.

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