[CES 2019 Preview] Qode Interactive, Introduces Mixed-Reality Artificial Intelligence Robot Sports Platform Game Machine
[ Lee Eun Sil 2019-01-02 ]  

Qode Interactive will showcase a hybrid reality artificial intelligence robotic sports platform game machine at CES 2019, the world's largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, from January 8 (Tue) to January 11 (Fri).

As a specialized developer of MR arcade games, we are researching and developing game products that combine innovative robotics, mixed reality, and AI technology. We want to make artificial intelligence technology a reality more quickly than any other company, by realizing fusion of virtual and reality to be unfolded in the world. In particular, the proprietary MR-A.I fusion game platform provides a variety of fun and pleasure that has not been experienced until now.

Qode Interactive, participating in this exhibition, created QONG, the next generation mixed reality reality artificial intelligence convergence platform, with the world's first unique technology. We have eleven related technology patents and one PCT patent. Users can enjoy mixed reality games with QONG without using HMD.

QONG is a highly scalable platform game machine. It can add various sensible game contents in one game machine and it can interlock with attractions. Also, with the machine learning algorithm, you can compete against a player-tailored artificial intelligence robot as well as 1 vs 1 war. You can choose from a wide range of high-end, standard, and low-end models.

Meanwhile, Daegu Technopark, which participates in the CES with local companies every year, will introduce 21 promising domestic companies in the upcoming 2019 CES. The 21 companies are available at the South Plaza Design & Source Showcase Zones in the showroom. Below are the companies that are participating in CES with support from Daegu Technopark Mobile Convergence Center. ▲Intin ▲RF ▲LILLYCOVER ▲JJTech ▲3i ▲Falcon ▲Green Zone Security ▲Tech Inc. ▲Netblue ▲COBL ▲Daeyoung Chaevi ▲Second Ground ▲iGiS ▲Namgyeong ▲Joy Drone. These companies will also participate in the "MIK Night" event, hosted by AVING NEWS.

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