The 5th Steel and Metal Korea' Opens Today (OCT 31st) At KINTEX, Ilsan
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-10-31 ]  

Korea's only steel and metal exhibition opened today (Oct 31st) in Exhibition Center 2 of KINTEX in Ilsan, with the theme of, 'Leading the 4th Industrial Revolution with the Technological Innovations of the Steel and Metal Industry'.

Hosted by Korea Economic Daily, S&M Media, and The Fairs, and sponsored by the Ministry of Technology, Industry, and Energy, the Korean Institute of Metals & Materials, and others amounting to 20 companies, 'Steel and Metal Korea (SMK2018)' celebrated their 5th iteration.

This exhibition's theme is 'Leading the 4th Industrial Revolution with the Technological Innovations of the Steel and Metal Industry', and it serves to introduce steel alloys, special steels, high-purity metals, and other highly functional steel and metal materials and technology from the steel and metal industry, which is used in many industries. This exhibition's purpose is to help drive the automobile, electronic, energy, machine, and the defense industry.

A steel technology seminar, copper alloy technology lecture, export purchase consultation, and other events are held at the same time. Participating companies are given the opportunity to create demand through the B2B program, and visitors are provided with various information and sights.

'The 5th Steel and Metal Korea' is a general exhibition which shows everything in the steel and metal industry, with 200 domestic and overseas companies related to raw materials, processed goods, processing technology, equipment, and software participating, and SMK 2018 is expected to greatly contribute to deliver the latest information in the industry, attract equipment investment, and improve the productivity of companies.


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