[MIK 2018] Woori Kids Showcases Organic Cosmetic, 'Hand Sanitizer Stamp'
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2018-08-29 ]  

On August 23rd (Thurs), Woori Kids (CEO Hwesook Kim), introduced the 'Hand Sanitizer Stamp' at the MIK 2018 Conference & Networking Party in the K Hotel in Yangjae.

(Photo: The organic hand sanitizer stamp; a product developed to help kids have fun while washing their hands)

The organic cosmetic hand sanitizer stamp developed by Woori Kids, which receives support from Incheon Business Information Technopark, is a product packaged in small quantities to complement the downside of short shelf lives of organic products, and can be ordered and delivered through a smart application.

This is a product developed to let children, who lack understanding of germs, to have fun while washing their hands, and is used by normal consumers, kindergartens, and schools.

Also, through an application that connects with the stamp, big data is analyzed to provide information on attendance, hand washing habits, diseases or illnesses, and a refill product is also being developed.

CEO Hwesook Kim said, "The hand sanitizer stamp is still in its early stages," saying that, "research is being done to ultimately develop not just children's products, but products for adults and families as well."

She added, "the company will be equipped with a mass production system through crowdfunding and quick starter, and will collaborate with eco-friendly child cosmetic companies to develop into a cosmetic company specializing in products for infants and toddlers," revealing, "we will expand our market into Thailand, China, and the US, where consumers have a lot of interest in children's products."

(Photo: CEO Hwesook Kim explains her company products to a foreign reporter)

Meanwhile, this event was hosted by global news network 'Aving News', a media partner of 100 exhibitions ever year and of MWC and IFA, one of the world's top 3 IT/Tech/home appliances fair, and was jointly organized by Vietnam's state-owned media Vietnam Plus, fandom-based video platform SEESO, China's first IT portal YESKY, and influencer marketing platform ASIX.

Global News Network 'AVING'
by Kim, Ki Hong (www.aving.net)

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