'2018 Int'l Green Car Korea Exhibition' and 'Gwangju Int'l IoT·APPLIANCE·ROBOT Fair', open at the DJ center at the same time
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-07-05 ]  

「2018 Int'l Green Car Korea Exhibition」which has been 11th, and 「Gwangju Int'l IoT·APPLIANCE·ROBOT Fair」were opened today(5th).

At this exhibition hosted by Gwangju and co-sponsored by Kim Dae-jung Convention Center, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, KOTRA, Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, and Korea Automobile Parts Association, the visitors can see high technologies such as autonomous vehicles, the next generation low-emission green cars, IoT smart appliances and ICT technologies, which are the key technologies leading the fourth industrial revolution.

The Int'l Green Car Exhibition has enlarged the exhibition of the future low-emission vehicles such as hydrogen(electric) cars and autonomous vehicles, and the range of the friendly electrical device parts than last year, reflecting the basic policies of Gwangju. The Gwangju Int'l IoT·APPLIANCE·ROBOT Fair will be diversified into key products of the fourth industrial revolution such as smart appliances, and IoT from the previous robot exhibition. Many large companies such as Samsung Electronics in the same region, and the Gwangju co-brand home appliance industry will participate in the exhibition.

The Int'l Green Car Exhibition is an exhibition specialized in the eco-friendly automobile which has been opened for the first time in 2008. This exhibition has been selected as a promising exhibition by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and is the only exhibition among other automobile-related exhibitions which has received the international certification of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry(UFI). The exhibition this year is held with around 250 booths of 250 companies from 25 countries, and 30 companies will participate in the exhibition and exhibit their own products, such as a delegation from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) in the U.K., Navya which is an unmanned vehicle company in France, and Komel which is an electric motor production company in Poland.

Many academic events are also held to discuss the present and future of the automobile industry. At the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology(ICAT 2018) held with 'EV(Electric Vehicle)er Green!' as a topic, 13 speakers from 7 countries including Korea will present various contents on the present and future policies and technologies of electric cars and autonomous cars, starting from a keynote speech by Jean-Marc Desvaux, the vice presidents of Easy Mile which is a developing company for an autonomous bus named 'EZS10' and other speeches such as 'the future of electric energy and automobiles'(Korea electric power corporation/Head of the group, Choi Taeil), 'Hyundai Motor, electric vehicle development status and strategies(Hyundai Motor/Head of the part, Kim Chung), 'Electric vehicle in the logistics industry'(Koam Innovation, the representative of the company, Hong Yoseop) and etc.

Especially, the Gwangju co-brand is worthy of attention, that the visitors can see the changes of Gwangju and innovative technologies. The finished product will be exhibited, that used the individual brand of companies mixed with Gwangju co-brand through collaboration work of the excellent 18 local small and medium-sized company selected in 2018.

With the items of IoT and ICT newly added, young start-ups related to information technology and communication technology catch the visitors' eyes. One of them is the ICT promotion hall of Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency that supervise the Daejeon soft-town vitalization business. In the joint hall, there will be 25 promising IT companies participating in the exhibition. The innovative multi-projection system developed by Kai is a system commercialized to be directly driven in many public institutions in Daejeon due to its simplicity and easy installation management.

In addition, through the global business export consultation for overseas 150 buyers from 25 countries such as Russia, Japan, Jordan, Nigeria and etc., it provides a place to secure an export path for our superior products. There will be also many business events such as 'Thailand investment environment brief session'(hosted by the Board of Investment in Thailand at 7:30 on 5th July in Holiday Inn) for global market entry strategies, 'Seminar on investment in the 'E.U market'(hosted by Czech/Portuguese Trade and Investment Promotion Representative, at 10 o'clock on 5th July, the 1st floor exhibition hall of the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center), 'Korea-English Automobile Market Network Conference (hosted by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in the U.K. and Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement at 11:30 on 6th July in room # 201, the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center).

The person interested of Gwangju which is the host institution said, "It needs a synergy effect through the promotion of the automobile and IoT smart home appliances industries so as to secure the motive for growth of the fourth industrial revolution in Gwangju." He continued to say, "our region is scattered with large companies such as Kia Motors, Samsung Electronics, Dayou, Autech Carrier and etc., and small and medium-sized companies such as Gwangju co-brand and etc.," and "we will do our best to be a qualified example in bending the related industries and presenting a vision in the future by promoting and opening exhibitions in the region."

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