[KITAS 2018] TLI, selected as 'BEST of KITAS 2018' by 'Sohu', the Chinese representative IT/Tech medium
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-07-16 ]  

While TLI was participating in 'the 8th Korea Smart Device Trade Show(KITAS 2018)' held in D hall of COEX in Samsung-dong from 14th(Sat.) July to 16th(Mon.), TLI was selected as the TOP 5 of the 'BEST of KIATS 2018'.

In this exhibition, Chinese representative IT/Tech medium 'Sohu', Japanese smart device and tech web magazine 'Pronews', Japanese No. 1 smart device medium 'ASCII', Vietnamese national news agency 'Vietnam Plus' and Korean global news network 'Avingnews', participated and selected 5 companies, one Korean outstanding company for each. Based on marketability, price, possibility of global market entry and on-site response, the selected companies as 'Best of KITAS 2018, Chosen by Global Media' are as follows.

▲Sohu(China)_TLI▲Pronews(Japan)_INNOIO ▲ASCII(Japan)_WISEJET  ▲Vietnam Plus(Vietnam)_Monit ▲Avingnews_Kitten Planet

TLI has attracted attention by introducing a smart insole named 'I-SOL' at this exhibition. The 'I-SOL' provides walking information, activity type analysis, and walking analysis. As for the walking information provided the most basically, it features the management and convenient usability of the walking data. It automatically calculates various data such as walking distance, walking speed, the number of steps and calorie consumption. The walking information is accumulated by time and date, and the 'I-SOL' consists of a system that its users can check detailed walking information through 'Dashboard' menu.

The activity type analysis provides data to maintain the best physical condition. It automatically calculates the time for walking, running, standing and no-use of a user during a day. The activity analysis data are accumulated by time and date, and stayed as a history. The user can check the detailed data by unit day/time.

The walking analysis analyzes a user's walking habit and proposes the correct way of walking. It also tracks stride, body balance, angle of feet, ratio of these three and support distribution ratio data. Furthermore, the data can be checked again later on the walking analysis history. This smart insole 'I-SOL with various functions is usable widely in many fields such as sports, health care, safety and medical field.

Lee Sujeong, a manger in TSL said, "Our product features an outstanding feeling of wearing even if it is equipped with various sensors," and "this is the result of our distinctive technology and long research and development." She continued to say, "We have currently developed and commercialized the related app along with Prospecs, and we will also update the product and the related system in the future after having many conversations with many institutions, and corporations as well as hospitals." TLI is currently under discussion on export with many countries such as the U.S.A., Europe, Japan and etc.

Meanwhile, the KITAS exhibition is an exhibition specialized in smart devices which can use connected with other smart devices. At this exhibition, products in many areas have introduced such as IoT(Internet of Things) devices that have recently become an issue, smart mobility, smart health care devices, all kinds of mobile accessories, and PC peripheral devices.

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