[START UP IR] 'Isoneck', A cervical correction pillow by Isolife; Amazon offers to import product upon product release
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-07-18 ]  

Based on the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service there was an increase of turtle neck and military neck syndrome, which was caused by long-term usage of mobile devices in addiction to longer work and study hours. As a consequence there is an increased number of people either visiting the hospital for correction or looking for correction products.

With the support of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, 'Isolife,' which focuses on contemporary neck related illnesses, has recently released a new product that functions as a correction pillow called 'Isoneck.' Isolife and Isoneck gained attention in the industry, with occurances such as Amazon offering to import the product as soon as the product was launched. Below is an interview with the CEO of Isolife, Mr. Shin Wooyeol, in Q&A format to enquire about the product and the company.

(Caption: The CEO of Isolife, Mr. Shin Wo Yeul, who released the cervical correction pillow Isoneck.)

Q: Can you introduce the company?
A: Isolife is a company created for the research of spinal health. Through accumulated experience, we provide a balanced exercise programs in order to restore the fundamental balance of the body. In addition to this, through long research, the company recently released the correction pillow, Isoneck.

Q: Can you tell us about the core leadership of the company?
A: In the process of developing the cervical correction pillow, the company collaborated with experts in industrial design to improve the design, and planned for a mass-production of the products. Furthermore, with the help of experts in visual design and multimedia, the company was able to use various forms of social media to promote communication, since communication with customers is an important key in our marketing strategy.

(Caption: Cervical correction pillow, 'Isoneck')

Q: What is the product/service/solution/skill you wish to introduce?
A: I want to introduce 'Isoneck' a correctional product that anyone can easily use to keep their spinal cord healthy. We are also providing the product with cervical related stretching exercise videos.

Q: What sets your company apart from the others?
A: Pillows created with memory foam are too soft to correct military neck syndrome. Isolife took into account the viscoelasticity of the human body, tested many different materials to optimize the energy transfer to the spinal cord and finally got the best results. Additionally, the neck does not consist of a single plank, but 7 different vertebrae are on top of each other, and our research showed that energy should be evenly transferred to each vertebra. Prior to this, there weren't any pillows in this form, and so our company created a pillow that fits the structure of the neck in order to transfer the respective energy to the right vertebra. Isoneck takes the cumbersome and hard correction process and makes it an easy and simple, lay down and fix your neck type of process.

(Caption:  Cervical correction pillow 'Isoneck')

Q: What are some specific achievements your company has had so far?
A: Within a month of our products release, the company sold over 200 products on Naver's shopping mall. In addition, medium-sized business and Lotte distribution are in the process of overseas sales promotion of our product in Indonesia and Vietnam. Recently, in one of the week long sales promotions lead by Lotte Mart, the first supply of the products has been sold out.

Q: Are there any partnership or investment issues in discussion?
A: After the overseas sales promotion, buyers from Indonesia who visited Korea are optimistic about ongoing export discussions. Furthermore, recently we were able to get into contact with the Amazon sales manager who offered to import, for there is sufficient marketability in the American market..

(Caption: Cervical correction pillow 'Isoneck')

Q: What are your future plans?
A: The company is not going to pour too much effort in the expansion of sales routes. However, we will keep in continuous contact with the overseas market. With the export to Amazon and acquisition of FDA Class 1, we will be more aggressive on international marketing. When we compare the competing products in America, our products have sufficient competitiveness. Although we will approach cautiously, we anticipate some strong market power. Furthermore, on the second half of the year with the use of our patented products, we will release another pillow, not only for the correction of the cervical related illnesses, but also for the correction of lower back related disorders.

Q: Finally, what is the vision/ goal of the company?
A: In our company we have faculty members who deeply empathize with the vision of the company. We are not a company that simply looks for profit or just a company that has a high number of sales, but a company with dreams to help with all of humanity's cervical related illnesses.

Meanwhile, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology is an organ established to nurture people talented in advanced science and technology, to promote cooperative research between the industry and educational research exchanges between foreign nations, and to contribute to national science technology and balanced regional development. With the vision of 'Cradling creative science and technology of the future', it is carrying out plans to establish a global campus with global competitiveness, to propose a revolutionary research model through the integration of the global joint cooperative research and the department, and to cultivate youth start-ups to create national growth. The IR pitching video created through the support of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology is one of the projects to successfully attract investment for superior startup companies.

(Caption: Cervical correction pillow 'Isoneck')

(Caption: Cervical correction pillow 'Isoneck' in use)

(Caption: Segment of Isolife exercise videos)

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