[START UP IR] MO GREEN Starts Overseas Export of LED Plant Cultivator 'Parpot'
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-07-23 ]  

With growing interest in plant cultivation, related industrial products are being released fast these days. LED smart flowerpots that are following the trend are drawing popularity in homes and offices.

'MO GREEN', which was selected in 2017 Startup Great Jump Package Support Project by the Startup Promotion Center of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, also launched a convergence smart system LED plant cultivator that can be used in various ways such as air purification and LED lighting.

It has already been drawing huge attention at both home and abroad and 'Campfire', a major Japanese crowdfunding company', requested a meeting first. To satisfy curiosity toward MO GREEN and Parpot, we had an interview directly with CEO Myeong-ok Jeong of MO GREEN and organized it in a Q&A form.

(Photo: CEO Myeong-ok Jeong of MO GREEN

Q: Could you introduce about your company to us?
A: I worked 8 years in a Japanese investment firm that adopted an advanced agricultural technology, and 'MO GREEN' is the output of startup based on the know-hows accumulated during that time.

Q: Could you talk about the composition of core human resources that are leading the company?

A: Parpot is a product that encompasses various fields such as agriculture, IT, electrical and electronics, etc. Thus, excellent human resources are assigned in R&D Division by field.

Q: What is the product/service/solution/technology to introduce?
A: Parpot is an LED plant cultivator that can grow plants prettily on a table at home. It is satisfying our customers due to not only its neat design but also its convenient use. When 1.8L of water is poured into the inlet, it automatically absorbs the water plant needs without being managed for 7-10 days.

Q: How is it differentiated from other companies?
A: Its color can be changed freely. Users can change the color as much as they want since it consists of three colors including white preferred by Koreans, yellow tone which is mood lighting preferred by Americans and Europeans, and plant lighting that enables plant photosynthesis.

Q: What are the specific achievements you've made so far?
A: We are aiming to export our products, as we are actively carrying out overseas marketing and has drawn heated responses from Japan. We are also selling this product in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and a road-shop named K.SOHO in Beverley Hills in Los Angeles, United States.

Q: Are there any issues of partnership and investment you are discussing?
A: Major Japanese crowdfunding company 'Campfire' requested a meeting first with an interest in our product. We had a meeting in Seoul and had a very positive discussion.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: We plan to attend exhibitions at various cities such as Singapore and New York and Las Vegas, U.S.

Q: Finally, what is the ultimate vision/goal pursued by your company?

A: We made this product with a hope that 'this is an item that makes its user happy', and we wish our customers to easily experience plants and even gain a sentimental atmosphere from Parpot.

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