[START UP IR] CUREARTH Launched Green TD which removes Harmful Tidal Current without Toxicity
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-07-24 ]  

Selected in 2017 Startup Great Jump Package Support Project by Startup Promotion Center of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, CUREARTH has been drawing attention by launching 'Green TD', a substance that eliminates harmful tidal current that quickly generates efficiency without toxicity unlike the exiting method of eliminating harmful tidal current. Recognized for its excellence through an onsite application assessment, it also earned technology certificate from Korea Water Resources Corporation in 2018. We organized the status of harmful tidal current and the characteristics of Green TD in a Q&A form through an interview with CEO CUREARTH of Hoon Cho.

(Photo: CEO CUREARTH of Hoon Cho)

Q: Could you introduce about your company to us?
A: Established in 2018, CUREARTH Co., Ltd. is a company conducting professional R&D on substances that control harmful green algae and red tide to the environment. The company name is a compound word of 'cure' and 'earth'.

Q: Could you talk about the occurrence of harmful tidal current?
A: The occurrence of harmful tidal current is increasing every year due to the increased inflow of organic matter into water caused by global warming and industrial development. As a result, economic damages are growing every year. Various physical and chemical methods have been applied to resolve this, but red clay is mainly used due to issues such as environment toxicity and economic efficiency.

Q: What is the product/service/solution/technology to introduce?
A: 'Green TD' was developed by CUREARTH based on medical and medicinal supplies. It is an algicidal substance with high selectivity that can eliminate various harmful red tides such as Cochlodinium and harmful green algae such as microcystis in a low concentration below 0.5PPM within a short amount of time. Green TD can also be applied in lakes, rivers, and seas as it shows an algicidal ability in a low concentration within a very short amount of time.

Q: How is it differentiated from other companies?
A: LC 50 of about 50~100 times higher concentration of the treatment concentration was shown from a toxicity assessment using water flea and minnow. In addition, the non-toxicity amount was 90mg/kg bw per a daily intake amount in a long-term toxicity assessment of repetition oral administration using rats. Through various toxicity assessment including zoo- and phytoplankton, we proved that Green TD is an algicidal substance that has a low environmental risk.

Q: What are the specific achievements you've made so far?
A: Recognized for its excellence through an onsite application assessment, it also received a technology certificate from Korea Water Resources Corporation in 2018.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: We are planning to register new substances for production by December 2018 and enter a contract with a Southeast Asian shrimp by the second-half of 2019.

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