NAMUTECH, Released 'Cocktail Mini' at Google Cloud Next '18
[ eunjung yu 2018-07-27 ]  

'Cocktail Mini' is a trial version of Cocktail Cloud and its feature is to provide the upgraded performance and main functions of Cocktail.

Cocktail, based container technology, is used to conveniently manage private and public cloud; and is an application-oriented cloud platform which allows for easy migration of data.

Through the dashboard that is intuitively designed, users can utilize automated CI/CD, service catalog, auto-scaling for loads, and efficiently manage dynamic resources which are required for integrated management of cloud infra and development/operation of container applications.

NAMUTECH is a technical partner of Google Cloud and is targeting the global market by associating Cocktail Cloud, a solution for realizing Cloud Native application environment, and Google Cloud.

'Cocktail Mini,' the trial version of Cocktail, can be downloaded from the website(

NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung said that "at the event, Cocktail received a favorable review from cloud experts all around the world for its remarkable design and strong integrated management feature" and added "[they] will do their best for Cocktail to be in the front line of IT innovation by continuing smooth customer customization following the changing market."

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