Scalp Massager "Headtime" to Relieve Daily Stress'
[ Sophia Kwag 2009-11-16 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> When the end of the year approaches, work accumulates, stressing the head and the muscles around the neck. As such, there are many office workers complaining about headaches from tension. How about using a scalp massager that helps to relieve such tiredness and maintain health?

The "Headtime" scalp massager that Kinatech (Representative Gi Yong-ho, has showcased, uses 29 silicon balls for acupressure and 34 ceramic balls, providing a scalp massage no less effective than massaging with the hands.

This product comes in the shape of a helmet and can be comfortably worn like a regular hat while sitting down to study or when under stress and with a headache.

Inside the product, there is a sound therapy speaker with sounds of creeks, birds, rain, waves and nature flowing and an LED lighting that help to find mental stability.

This scalp massager made to relieve stress for office workers is expected to gain a favorable response also from housewives tired from housework.

(Photo caption: Inside scalp massager "Headtime")

(Photo caption: 29 silicon balls that operate with air (air pressure method) massage the scalp.)

(Photo caption: Sound therapy speaker)

(Photo caption: Ceramic balls)

(Photo caption: Silicon acupressure balls)

(Photo caption: Temperature controller)

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