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[ Sophia Kwag 2009-11-04 ]  

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- <Visual News> Recently, neat design, high-definition better than LCD and low power of visual products such as illuminators, cell phones, TV sets attract consumers.

Especially, various LED-loaded products are released among lighting products. Lighting products need to be more considered than cell phones or TV sets, when you want to buy them, and now they are needed to have more features except that they have LED.

The merit of+@ is in need.

When new products are released, they are of great concern because they are made of new material, and different from the existing products. But, as time goes by, they come to be realized as just one of the products in markets. We are living in a era when just one merit is not enough to appeal to consumers for a long time who are always stimulated by something new.

We are living in a era when only one merit is hard to appeal to consumers for a long time. This time, we are going to take a look at LED lighting product, LTK-1500 stand. It features LED in it. What else features does it have?

First of all, let's look into LED. Why LED lighting products are better than general lighting products? As for LED, it converts electric power into light by almost 90%. Considering that as for general fluorescent lamp it converts electric power into light by 40%, and as for incandescent lamp by 5%, there is no waste of electric power for LED, converting almost all electric power into light. LED has such merits as follows. First, it is economical because it does not waste electric power. Second, it protects our eyes because it does not have any flickering. Third, its useful life is longer than general light bulbs or fluorescent lamps.

General light bulbs last about 5,000 hours, but LED products last more than 30,000 hours. Other than styles, you nay well choose LED products.

Then, what would be more suitable for you, compared with LED stands? If you are to choose one among LED stands, One more merit appealing to customers needs to come to the fore.

Flexible stand?

As you see in the picture above, LTK-1500 shows two figures. This is the very outstanding merit of LTK-1500. LTK-1500 is a free-style LED stand, and it can change the style of lighting as you want.

4 fixed circular devices supports LED. Because 2 circular devices can move to the right and left by 56 degrees, it can be freely transformed in such types as straight types and folding styles.

Additionally, flexible spring tube helps to move to right and left, up and down, adjusting height and angles as you want.

3 level control of natural light

One of the indispensible functions for stands is the control of natural light. LTK-1500 has 3 level control of natural light according to environment. It also has one touch buttons.

Level 1 is proper to use when very bright light is not needed. Level 2 is needed when studying or writing down. Level 3 is very bright when intense concentration or highlight is needed. As for me, level 3 lighting is suitable for drawing, and it is very good to concentrate on work. But, considering 1,500lux is considerably bright in 40cm distance, level 2 lighting is recommendable when intense concentration is not needed.

LED Stand LTK-1500 with a free style

LTK-1500 is manufactured by Enfren(, that is specialized in stands and healthy food.

Enfren acquired technology venture certification in 2005 and was designated as technology-innovative enterprise in 2006, received Korea venture design award-Munhwailbo president award in 2008, and was selected as enterprise member of "Hi Seoul brand", accumulating credits with advanced technologies and design.

Please visit our website for further information. You can also get information by customer service center for the usage of stands.

Stands are convenient devices for concentration, and they have a lot of effects on eyesight. Therefore you should carefully look into the stands and choose them. LTK-1500 is a product with merits +@ It has LED, is economical and effective in creating a spacious atmosphere according to your liking. Please put LTK-1500 LED stand on your list.

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