International LED & OLED EXPO and International Photonics Exhibition are integrated into "Optical Convergence EXPO" which will hold from 26th to 28th, June
[ Lee Eun Sil 2018-06-22 ]  

The Korea's largest scale LED specialized trade exhibition, International LED & OLED EXPO 2018, held for the 16th time at KINTEX and International Photonics Exhibition are integrated into "Optical Convergence EXPO", which is a specialized exhibition in optical electronics industry such as optical communication, LED, OLED and LASER is spurring its preparation for its opening, held for 3 days from 26th to 28th, June at KINTEX in Iisan.

At this exhibition, products fused with optical electronics industry such as LED, OLED, optical communication, laser and optics, will be displayed, and a total of around 600 booths will be held.

In this year, many companies will participate in the exhibition, such as DB Lightec, LUMENS, YUYANG DNU, CLARUS KOREA, RF semi, Korea Semiconductor Illumination, Techen, J-LIGHTING, MEAN WELL, EVERFINE, BJB as well as companies from Japan, German, China and Taiwan, which will be an opportunity for visitors to see new products recently emerging and the trend of markets in Korea and overseas at a glance.

Especially, Korea association for photonics industry development and KOTRA will concentrate all of their capabilities and organize the overseas business plaza during the exhibition, to arrange consultation matching between domestic companies and 200 buyers from 25 countries with substantial purchase power such as USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and etc. which will subsequently lead the purchase consultation with domestic companies to actual purchase contracts.

Furthermore, in order to encourage the development of new technologies in optics, LED, OLED, and laser industries, and to promote morale, an award ceremony for companies of outstanding new technology development and an award for a man of merit will be presented at the opening ceremony on the 26th(Tue), June, such as a Presidential prize, a Prime minister prize, a prize of Minister of Trace, Industry and Energy, a Bucheon mayor prize, a prize of KOTRA CEO and a price for a man of merit.

In addition, at LED industry forum, they are making a full preparation for the exhibition to be a place for presentation of human centric lighting, smart home sheet realization, lighting fusion platform, next-generation semiconductor laser technology, smart energy and LED lighting fusion symposium, and exchange to seek future technological prospect as innovation beyond LED optical convergence, and a briefing session for spread LED lighting supply in public institutions and local governments will be held.

Research and development results of each institution and participating companies will also be presented by building an additional exhibition hall for research and development results within the exhibition halls. The participating businesses will be 『LED system lighting technology development business』 and 『OLED joint hall』, companies will participate in 『Bucheon city joint hall』, and Mice Operator Cooperative will organize and run 『Future LED lighting fusion hall』.

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