[ENVEX 2018] Muhan Technical, exhibited a Centrifugal Dehydrator
[ Kim, Ki Hong 2018-05-31 ]  

Muhan Technical (CEO, Yun Jonghyeon) participated in 'the 40th International exhibition on environmental technology & green energy(hereinafter referred to as "ENVEX 2018")' held at COEX from May 30th(Wed.) to June 1st(Fri.) and exhibited a centrifugal separator for sludge dewatering. (Photo: MEL-typed centrifugal dehydrator)

This company is a company specialized in manufacturing centrifugal separators, supporting development of decanter-typed centrifugal separator and technologies of separation and process in industrial setting and wastewater treatment fields and providing suitable products and technologies for processing various physical properties.

The centrifugal dehydrator and high-speed typed solid-liquid separator introduced at this exhibition equipment with improved performance by such as increasing the retention time with enlarged screws and increasing efficiency of separation, which separates water from solid bodies by continuously inserting sludge, generated from wastewater process, with polymer coagulant into a body of rotation.

On top of that, a centrifugal separator for sludge dewatering can control the percentage of water content in discharge solid bodies, and automatically controls speed of internal screws in response to changes in concentration of sludge inflow to discharge a certain amount of cake.

Especially, the decanter-typed dehydrator has less environmental harmful factors than other dehydrators, is auto-drivable, and can efficiently dehydrates surplus sludge at low concentration and mixed sludge at high concentration

This equipment is used in final sludge dehydrating process generated from water, sewage, livestock manure, manure and other wastewater treatment facilities.

Yun Jinsu, a section chief of the company said, "at this exhibition, we are exhibiting products that have secured reliability with excellent performance, selecting centrifugal separator-only control with microprocessor digital, excellent products from Public Procurement Service and products certified by the Small and Medium Business Administration.

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by Kim, Ki Hong (www.aving.net)

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